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Advanced Medical Imaging Technology

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MRI Screening Form/Questionnaire
  • MRI Technologists work around powerful, high-field magnets, and thus in order to work in this environment, MRI Technologists and potential AMIT/MRI students cannot have certain implants or medical devices, such as pacemakers, brain aneurysm clips, and cardiac defibrillators. Many other metallic implants are OK for working in an MR environment, however, such as hip/knee replacements, braces, dental fillings, and orthopedic screws. 
  • Prior to applying to the AMIT program, it is advised that you look over and complete the screening form/questionnaire. If you have any questions about certain implants you have, please contact the AMIT program.
Student Organizations
  • The purpose of this student organization is to provide a network for you and other fellow students and to open avenues of education otherwise difficult to attain. The AMIT Organization will represent the University by furthering educational possibilities at external professional venues. 
  • Want to become involved in the AMIT Student Organization? Visit our organization's webpage to learn more social networking and conference opportunities:
  • Student Organization Campus Link Page
AMIT Social Media
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