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PRaiSE Research Conference

PRaISE (Presentations of Research and Innovative/Scholarly Endeavors)

PRaISE 2015

Each year, the College of Allied Health Sciences fills 5/3 arena with student research at our annual PRaISE Conference (Presentations of Research and Innovative/Scholarly Endeavors). Undergraduate and graduate students from each discipline work hard throughout the year to make waves in their field by conducting research projects in their classes. PRaISE allows everyone in the College of Allied Health Sciences to come together to celebrate this research in an interdisciplinary way.

Students create research posters for PRaISE and they share their research with students, faculty, staff and friends of the college. The event includes an interdisciplinary key note speaker, and the colleges' Distinguished Alumni have been honored during PRaISE.

PRaISE has become a tradition in the College of Allied Health Sciences since the college was formed. It has grown from the hallways of French East hall to 5/3 arena and every year the celebration keeps getting bigger!

PRaISE is held at the end of each spring semester in conjunction with the The Undergraduate Research Conference.


PRaISE 2017

Download the 2017 PRaISE Program (PDF)

Check out the photos from PRaISE 2017  

Poster Template

Students may adjust the following template to fit the needs of their project. However, the poster cannot exceed 36 inches wide. 

Based upon the review students should expect to pay between $30 to $50 for posters printed off campus.  The most convenient locations are Staples.  Here is a link to local Staples locations:  All locations offer printing services. A description of services offered by Staples can be found at .  Posters normally can be printed while the customer waits.


PRaISE Conference

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