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Bachelor of Social Work


Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program

Unique to UC is the Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program, offered in collaboration with other social work programs at public universities in Ohio. If you are in this program you will have a specialized curriculum in your senior year and a field placement in an Ohio public child welfare agency. You will learn the skills of working with families in distress to prevent and correct situations of abuse and neglect. Additional courses include SW6051 Child Welfare I and SW6052 Child Welfare II. An employment incentive payment is available for you if you graduate and accept employment in an Ohio child welfare agency.

Certificate in Service Learning in Spanish for Social Workers and Health Care Services

In September 2013, a collaborative effort between the School of Social Work and the Department of Romance Languages and Literature resulted in the development of a Certificate in Service Learning in Spanish for Social Workers and Health Care Services, allowing undergraduate social work students to expand their cultural competency and skills to be able to serve the often underserved Spanish-speaking population.

Certificate in Developmental Disabilities

The Undergraduate Certificate in Developmental Disabilities in UC’s School of Social Work is designed to provide students from social work, allied health, nursing, medicine, political science, psychology, sociology, counseling, criminal justice, and other disciplines with the knowledge and skills to work with persons with developmental disabilities in a variety of social, healthcare, and educational settings. Students will explore and understand theories, programs, policies, interventions, and services related to this population.​ For more information, please click here.

Professor Vo listens to a student presentation

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