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Please see MSW Field Education FAQs for questions regarding field placements.


Are there information sessions to learn more about the SSW?

We usually hold information sessions from September - December. Dates for the 2018 sessions will be posted when they are available.   

Do you accept transfer students?

Yes, however you will need to apply to ​our MSW program. Some credits may be able to be transferred over if accepted. If you are interested in transferring to the MSW Program, please contact the program director Dr. Cathy Kerr.

Is there an application fee waiver?

The Graduate School offers application waivers in some instances. Please visit the Graduate School FAQs for more details. 

What should I include in my personal statement?

The personal statement is your opportunity to explain to the admissions committee why you are interested in pursuing a master’s degree in social work, the reasons you believe you will excel in graduate school, and why UC is a good fit for you. The School of Social Work requires all applicants to write 5-7 double-spaced pages and answer the following questions:

  • What led you to choose social work as your profession? For example, describe events of significance in your growth and development, and experiences in your home, school, work and community that have been influential in your decision to be a social worker.
  • Describe your career goals - what areas of social work are you planning to pursue?
  • Describe a challenging life experience you have faced and how it was successfully resolved.
  • What do you see as personal strengths that will enhance your ability as a social worker? What limitations do you think you have to address?

I do not have a background or education in social work; can I still be admitted to the MSW Program?

Yes. The SSW has students from many backgrounds – psychology, sociology, women’s studies, communications, criminal justice, and archaeology, to name just a few. Individuals who have worked in allied fields or who have volunteered in fields similar to social work increase their chances of acceptance because of their ability to demonstrate that they possess some of the basic skills necessary to excel in social work. 



When do admitted students begin classes?

  • Students on the advanced standing track begin classes in the second half of the summer term, typically in mid-June.
  • Students attending on a full or part-time basis begin classes in the fall term, typically in late August.

The SSW does not offer admittance beginning in the spring term. 

How many credits does it take to complete the MSW Program?

  • Advanced Standing students complete 34 credits.
  • Full- and part-time students complete 60 credits.

When are classes held?

  • Advanced Standing students have summer classes that occur during the day.
  • In fall and spring terms, advanced standing and full-time students have classes in the afternoon and evening.
  • Part-time students’ courses are offered in the evening. However, students must still be able to schedule daytime hours Monday through Friday for field education.

Can I work full-time and go to school full-time?

Concurrent full-time employment is strongly discouraged for students in the Advanced Standing and full-time programs because of the time commitment and scheduling for classes and field education.

How many students are in a class?

Class sizes vary from about 15-30 students, depending on the class. 

Does the SSW have online classes?

Yes. The SSW offers several courses online; however, most classes occur on the main campus. It is not possible to complete the MSW degree at UC completely online.


Tuition & Financial Aid

What is the current tuition for the MSW Program?

Please visit the UC Financial Aid UC Costs webpage for the current tuition rates for part- and full-time graduate students who are in or out of state. For the purpose of tuition, full-time status at UC for graduate students is 10 credit hours.

What types of financial aid are available?

85% students received full or partial scholarships in 2017.

Student can pursue student loans by completing the FAFSA, scholarships and graduate assistantships through the School of Social Work, scholarships through the University of Cincinnati, or scholarships and grants from outside sources. Current students are notified of assistantships as they become available, and incoming students are notified of openings in their offer letter. 

Is there financial aid for international students?

Yes. International students are eligible for University Graduate Scholarships and may be eligible for other scholarships. Contact the SSW or visit UC International Services for more information.


Campus/Community Life

Is there on-campus housing for graduate students?

Please see the options available on the ​Graduate School's housing page.

Can I talk to a current student?

Absolutely. Please call the School of Social Work at 513-556-4615 or email at to be connected to a current student. 

Does the SSW assist with licensure preparation?

Yes. Each February the SSW hosts Dr. Sophia Dziegielewski who has developed a licensure preparation course and has helped more than 17,000 students successfully pass licensing exams. 

The School of Social Work is located in French West Hall.

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