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About the School of Social Work Alumni Association

Alumni from the University of Cincinnati School of Social Work first gathered on March 6, 2008 and established the mission and goals of the group later to be named the UC School of Social Work Alumni Board (SSWAB). As a constituent alumni group of the university, SSWAB is a voting member of the 36-member UC Alumni Association.

Our mission: to ​connect alumni, provide resources for members, and offer service to the school, the profession, and the community. In addition, SSWAB acts as an advisory arm to the Director of the School of Social Work and its faculty.


Social Work Hot Topics - July 2016

Join the School of Social Work Alumni Board’s Hot Topic 3 CEU Presentation!

This edition’s hot topic is Working with Clients who have Gender Dysphoria: Assessment, Treatment and Intervention, presented by Paula Ison, MSW.

This presentation will help you gain a better understanding of the gender identity phenomenon and any treatment thereof, increase one’s appreciation of differing gender variant expression and expanding one’s inclusiveness and eliminating stereotypes.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Russell C. Myers Alumni Center
2906 Woodside Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45221

Program Description
To most people, their traditionally assigned gender identity is as comfortable as their shadows. For others, however, their assigned gender identity is like a straight jacket. This exciting and highly interactive workshop will study this latter group to include what gender variant expression and gender dysphoria are, how they may develop and best practices for any treatment. The etiology of gender dysphoria will be discussed within the context of the DSM and evidence-based theories of treatment.

Who should attend the workshop?
This workshop is intended for social work supervisors and practicing social worker professionals who are interested in learning more about gender dysphoria and implications for clinical practitioners. 

Learning Objectives

  • Increasing one’s ability to recognize and appreciate the broad array of differing gender variant expression;
  • Understanding the relationship and dynamics between gender variance and the “systems theory;”
  • Expanding inclusiveness and eliminating stereotypes

Questions? Contact:
Ryan Young, Assistant Director, Alumni Relations - Winkle College of Pharmacy and College of Allied Health
Phone: 513-558-5570

Tara Dale, Co-Chair - School of Social Work Alumni Board

Social Work Hot Topic Event - July 2016 Registration

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If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board, please fill out and return our SSW Alumni Board Application (pdf).

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