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Historic Timeline

The idea for creation of College of Allied Health Sciences arose in 1994 from a task force created by former UC leaders; Anthony Perzigian, PhD and Donald Harrison, MD.



  • CAHS becomes the 16th college at UC.


  • First annual Presentation of Research and Innovative Scholarly Endeavors (PRaISE) Conference.

  • CAHS moves into renovated Shriners Burns Institute, allowing for 38,000 square feet for offices, classrooms, auditoriums, labs and brought all the allied health programs together on one campus.

  • The building was named French East in honor of the French family in 1999 for their generous support of the academic health center.

  • The Bachelor of Science Physical Therapy degree transitions into a Master's of Physical Therapy degree. 


  • Master of Science in Nutrition offered.
  • Medical Technology transitions into Clinical Laboratory Sciences offering a certificate, degree, and online courses.
  • Rehabilitation Sciences offers Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree. 
  • Student Ambassador program begins.
  • First endowed chair established in Nutrition for Maternal and Child Nutrition.


  • Elizabeth King, PhD, named dean of the college. 
  • MS in Blood Transfusion Medicine is transferred from the College of Medicine (began in 1984)


  • Kenneth Donnelly University of Cincinnati Audiology Clinic at Woodward Career Technical High School was established.
  • Blood Transfusion Medicine transitions into MS in Transfusion and Transplantation Sciences degree 


  • Clinical Laboratory Science starts distance learning track for MS and BS degrees.
  • Dietetics coordinated program accredited.
  • Doctorate of Audiology (AuD) approved by OBR in spring.
  • Students are admitted to revised (AuD) program in the fall.
  • Clinical Laboratory Sciences launches new distance learning (DL) program with 58 students from more than 20 states.
  • New Coordinated Program in Dietetics receives developmental accreditation from the American Dietetic Association under the leadership of Elise Cowie, MEd, RD, LD.


  • Health Information Management distance learning program was implemented in the winter in response to a request by Cincinnati State to provide a degree completion program for their two-year graduates.
  • Health Information Management distance learning program becomes a collaborative transfer 2 + 2 program.
  • First Year Experience program is added. 


  • Health Information Management distance learning program received full accreditation.
  • Certificate programs in Didactic Program in Dietetics, and Supervised Practice in Dietetics are offered in Nutritional Sciences. 


  • The Masters of Physical Therapy transitions into a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. 
  • First CLS Distance Learning students graduate.
  • Animal audiology clinic begins.
  • First NYC/Jerusalem SLP graduating class.


  • Communication Sciences and Disorders reaccredited through 2012.
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology reaccredited through 2012, and is currently one of the fastest growing undergraduate programs in the college with 241 students enrolled.
  • 10th anniversary celebration of the college held, honoring Donald C. Harrison, MD; Andrea R. Lindell, PhD, RN, ANEF; Robert E. Burket; Jane H. Garvin, MS, RD; Marvin H. Rorick III, MD; Laura W. Kretschmer, EdD; Colin R. Macpherson, MD
  • Established first Development Leadership Council which includes: Dr. Linda Graeter, Ms. Shelagh Watson, Ms. Marie McDaniel, Ms. Terri Hollenkamp, Dr. Judith Marlowe, Dr. John Clark, Dr. Nancy Creaghead, Mrs. Laura Harrison, Dr. Joan Murdock, Ms. Gail Smith, Dr. Grace Falciglia, Dr. Sarah Couch, Mrs. Doris Cambruzzi, Mrs. Jane Garvin, Mrs. Ellen Rember, Dr. Tina Whalen, Dr. Steve Page, Ms. Monica Wilkins. Mr. Kevin Flynn Esq.


  • The Genetic Counseling Program moves to the College of Medicine beginning in the fall of 2009.
  • The Coordinated Program in dietetics is granted initial accreditation until 2018 by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics in Education.
  • The Didactic Program in Dietetics is granted initial accreditation until 2018 by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics in Education.
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology is awarded accreditation until 2012.
  • First-ever Service learning Community Partners fair is held-159 freshmen attend and 17 Service learning Community Partners are present.


  • School of Social Work moves to College of Allied Health Sciences July 1. Bringing a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program (began in 1974) and Master of Social Work (MSW) program (began in 1976) into the College of Allied Health Sciences. 
  • The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science reaccredits the Clinical Laboratory Science program.
  • Monica Wilkins, PT, MHA, serves as first director of student minority recruitment and retention.
  • The first-ever distinguished alumni awards, one per department/division, are awarded at PRaISE on May 21.


  •  Masters in Health Administration (MHA) online is launched. 
  • A Certificate in Animal Audiology is offered for the first time.
  • Connections mentoring program reaches out to underrepresented CAHS freshmen.
  • The college's overall headcount enrollment increases by 34 percent from fall 2010 to fall 2011 (i.e., 1,995 students to 2,664 students), which includes the addition of the School of Social Work.
  • The college's National Student Speech Language Hearing Association chapter is awarded Chapter of the Year.
  • Robert W. Keith, PhD, Audiology Research Endowment Fund is established to support student research.
  • First annual Mid-Collegiate Touch-Point Conference takes place focusing on medical ethics. 
  • The college expands interdisciplinary global community engagement with Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.


  • Outreach to Hughes STEM High School continued to facilitate Hughes student retention, support their transition to college, and increase the college's minority student population--included a college level medical terminology class taught at the high school.
  • Bachelor's in respiratory therapy distance learning program is offered for the first time spring semester
  • Established the Center for Educational Technology and Instructional Support


  •  Online Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy degree completion program launches. 
  • Master of Health Informatics (online program) launches. 


  • Dean Elizabeth King, PhD, retires. Tina Whalen, EdD, DPT becomes interim dean 
  • The college's National Student Speech Language Hearing Association chapter is awarded Chapter of the Year.
  • Social Work fellowships from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) train master’s-level students specialized education and training to work with at-risk youth.
  • Graduate Certificates (online) in Health Care Administration, Health Care Finance, Health Care Operations and Health Care Policy and Regulation are offered. 


  • First "Alumni College" is held, which brought alumni and friends of the college back into our classroom for CEU opportunities. 
  • Respiratory therapy launches first TOOC (Targeted Open Online Course) geared towards working respiratory therapists. 
  • UC's Physical Therapy program receives it's first Endowed scholarship: The Beth A. Bextermueller Rehabilitation Sciences Endowment Fund.
  • Tina Whalen, EdD, DPT named permeant dean of the college.
  • Judith Marlowe is named colleges' first Outstanding Alumni at university-wide alumni awards. 


  • Online Health Sciences - Behavior and Occupation Studies degree completion program is launched in January. 


  • Demolition of Wherry Hall begins in order to make room for the Health Professions Building. 
  • Ground Breaking Ceremony for Health Sciences Building (HSB) is held on February 22nd. The ceremony was also President Pinto's first speaking engagement since coming to UC. 
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