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Welcome to the College of Allied Health Sciences!


Elizabeth King, PhDUC is a nationally recognized academic institution and was recently recognized as one of the most beautiful campuses by Forbes magazine.

The College of Allied Health Sciences offers leading edge programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Dietetics and Nutrition, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Advanced Medical Imaging, Health Sciences, Health Information Management, Health Administration, Health Informatics, Respiratory TherapyPhysical Therapy and Social Work.

The college offers a welcoming and nurturing community designed to encourage the intellectual and social development of our students. Our undergraduate and graduate programs are designed to prepare our students to not only excel in their chosen careers, but also to lead and serve others.

As an undergraduate you will have an experience beginning with a rich foundation during your freshman year that begins the development of core competencies in critical thinking, communication and social responsibility. 

Your undergraduate experience includes:

Freshman Year Experience
  • Freshman seminar focusing on the successful transitioning into college taught by college faculty, assisted by upperclassmen.
  • Learning communities consisting of small groups of students in a cluster of two or more linked courses designed to help link students and faculty work together to build relationships.
  • Service learning where student engagement in the community is linked to academic course objectives. Many of our students continue their involvement with their service learning site after the experience.  
Mid-Collegiate Touch Point 
  • In the fall of your junior year your entire undergraduate class will meet conference style to explore a professional health related topic with faculty from the entire college.  
Undergraduate Research Experience
  • Each year you will participate in the college’s annual student research conference (PRaISE , Presentation of Research and Innovative/Scholarly Endeavors) where you will present your research and/or scholarly activity for the year. Your presentation may be a poster or oral presentation.  
Senior Capstone
  • Finally, for your senior year, you will be completing an exciting culminating capstone experience, research project, or portfolio. This helps synthesize and showcase your entire undergraduate experience and provides documentation for job applications and/or graduate school applications. During your entire undergraduate experience you will have a professional academic advisor and a faculty advisor. It is our belief that advising is the cornerstone for retention and that it is extremely important for you to meet with your advisor regularly and take advantage of the exceptional advising available in the college.  
International Learning Opportunities Available
  • Currently selected majors have opportunities for International educational experiences in Jamaica, London, Nicaragua, Cancun and plans are underway to include Tanzania.
Graduate Education, PhD, MA, MS, DPT
  • The College of Allied Health Sciences offers a variety of graduate programs. You will receive personal advising and mentoring by professors who are supportive of your career goals throughout your graduate education.
  • We are working to develop a community of scholars who believe in the power of innovative interdisciplinary education and research. Research is helping to build and sustain the knowledge base in disciplines and provides evidence to support practice.
  • Scholarship provides students and faculty the ability to study all aspects of a topic or problem, put all ideas together, even conflicting ones, and package and disseminate them so they are more easily understood by others. As students, you will work with faculty and participate in disseminating scholarly activity through articles, peer reviewed journals and our graduate and undergraduate symposium, PRaISE (Presentation of Research and Innovative/Scholarly Endeavors).

Finally, our fondest hope would be that you become alumni of the College of Allied Health Sciences and leaders in your field.

“Education is a companion no misfortune can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate, no despotism can enslave, at home a friend, abroad an introduction; in solitude a solace, and in society an ornament. It chastens vice, it guides virtue, it gives, at once grace and government to genius. Without it, what is man? A splendid slave, a reasoning savage.” 
- Joseph Addison


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Elizabeth King, PhD
Dean of the College of Allied Health Sciences