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Transition Students 

Transition students are students who are currently enrolled in undergraduate programs in other UC colleges, but want to change their major (transition) to the College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS)  It is highly recommended that interested students attend an information session to learn more information about CAHS programs.

2017 Fall – 2018 Summer Transition Admission Requirements


Minimum GPA Requirement

Other Requirements

Advanced Medical Imaging Technology (35BS AMIT)

2.8 cumulative (UC GPA + transfer GPA)


Communication Sciences and Disorders (35BS CSD)

3.0 cumulative (UC GPA + transfer GPA)

1 year of Natural Science plus one semester of MATH1021 (or higher) or STAT1031 with no grade below a C

Dietetics (35BS DIET)

3.0 cumulative (UC GPA + transfer GPA)

CHEM1030/CHEM1030L and be registered for second semester CHEM or CHEM1030/1031 (without labs) with C- or higher

Health Sciences – EM, PS, BO (35BSHS HLSC-EM, PS, BO)

3.0 cumulative (UC GPA + transfer GPA)

1 year of a science sequence completed (Bio, Chem, Physics or Anatomy) w/ no grade below C-**

Medical Laboratory Sciences (35BS MLSC)

3.0 cumulative (UC GPA + transfer GPA)


Social Work (35BSW SW)

2.75 cumulative (UC GPA + transfer GPA)


**Science sequence must meet one of the following UC equivalencies:

  • A&P: BIOL2001C AND BIOL2002C
  • Chemistry: CHEM1040/1040L AND CHEM1041/1041L
  • Physics: PHYS1051/1051L AND PHYS1052/1052L
  • Biology: BIOL1081/1081L AND BIOL 1082/1082L

Attend an information session.

If this option does not work for you:

Change of College Form: If you meet the requirements and would like to change your major, complete the Change of College Form​.  You will be contacted via email with the admission decision once your form is processed.  You must confirm your admission to be assigned to an academic advisor.  Once your confirmation form is processed, you will be notified via email with your advisor's information and ​be able to schedule your mandatory advising appointment.  

Transition Student Mandatory Advising: All transition students are required to meet with their assigned advisor in order to schedule classes for the following ​semester.


Lauren a CAHS advisor with a student during an advising appointment

Contact Us

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