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Biographical Sketch

Dr. Silbert started as an Assistant Professor in Communication Sciences & Disorders at UC two years ago. Prior to this, he was a Research Scientist at the Center for Advanced Study of Language at the University of Maryland. He has a PhD in Linguistics & Cognitive Science and a MS in Applied Statistics, both from Indiana University, and a MA in English as a Second Language, from the University of Hawaii.

Research Interests

Dr. Silbert’s research focuses on the perception of speech in the presence of environmental noise. His work spans a number of related areas, including mathematical modeling of perception and decision making, digital signal processing, and statistical analysis of speech acoustics.


Dr. Silbert is the director of the AMPS Lab. AMPS =  Acoustics, Modeling, Perception, & Speech.

Student Research

  • Lina Motlagh Zadeh (doctoral) - auditory selective attention and the perception of speech in noise
  • Samantha Granata (undergrad capstone) - variation in salience of phonological features in the perception of speech in noise
  • Elisabeth Walker (undergrad capstone) - auditory selective attention and the perception of speech in noise


Noah Silbert
Assistant Professor
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