Student Organizations

Student organizations foster fun and friendships along with community and professional involvement. The College of Allied Health Sciences offers the following undergraduate and graduate student organizations: 

AMIT Student Organization

The Advanced Medical Imaging Technology (AMIT) Student Organization networks AMIT Students to the professional imaging communities for the purpose of education, service, and social interaction.  Membership is open to all AMIT students.  Faculty advisor: Alan Vespie,, (513) 558-7497. 


The Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) is the national student organization of the American Academy of Audiology. SAA provides an outlet for Audiology students to further their knowledge, expand on their interests, and give back to the community through their professional career. Membership is open to undergraduate CSD and AuD graduate students.  Faculty advisor: Robert Keith,, (513) 607-0187. 

Bearcat Social Work Students

Bearcat Social Work Students is formed to provide an organized leadership mechanism for arranging activities to promote growth in leadership, scholarship, and all issues pertaining to student welfare.  Faculty advisor: Jan Melcher,, (513) 556-4627.

CAHS Student Tribunal

The Tribunal provides a governing voice in the development of policies and procedures empowering students to make positive changes in the College.  Membership is open to all students of the College of Allied Health Sciences. Faculty advisor: Xan Boone,, (513) 556-2644.

Health Sciences Club

The Health Sciences Club is an opportunity to build rapport with fellow students and faculty, discover opportunities, gain additional knowledge and prepare for a successful future in the health care industry. It is open all undergraduate students pursuing a degree in a health care related field. Faculty advisor: Dr. Dan Carl at, (513) 558-7479. 

MLSC Student Organization (CLSSO)

The purpose of the Medical Laboratory Science Student Organization is to broaden student awareness of clinical laboratory science as a program of study and profession. Faculty advisor: Gideon Labiner,, (513) 558-7492.

Multicultural Concerns in Communication Disorders (MC2) 

The purpose of MC2 is to provide a forum in which students can: engage in meaningful intercultural dialogue; enhance leadership and commitment to social justice; and discuss and address multi-cultural issues that affect individuals in the area of Communication Sciences and Disorders. MC2 will also serve as an avenue for mentoring. This will include: faculty/staff to student mentoring, alumni to student mentoring and peer mentoring for students. Faculty advisor: Dr. Carney Sotto,, (513) 558-8528.

National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association

NSSLHA is the national pre-professional membership organization of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) for students interested in the study of communication sciences & disorders.  Faculty advisor: Dr. Carney Sotto,, (513) 558-8528.

Nutrition Graduate Student Association

The mission of the nutrition graduation student association is to expand the nutrition graduate students’ knowledge of nutrition through interaction with each other and through extended community gatherings that promote graduate program unity. Faculty Advisor: Lauren Brooke,, (513) 558-7503.

Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society

The purposes of Phi Alpha Honor Society are to provide a closer bond among students of social work and to promote humanitarian goals and ideals.  Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership, those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.  Faculty advisor: Fay Tooson,, (513) 556-7931. 

Physical Therapy Student Organization

The Physical Therapy Student Organization is a social and service organization for students enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.  Faculty Advisor: Beth Bextermueller,, (513) 558-0535 and Rebecca Leugers,, (513) 558-7480. 

Social Work Graduate Student Association 

The School of Social Work Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the official voice of graduate students in the School of Social Work. It is part of the university-wide GSA. The GSA provides a forum for students to discuss school and program issues and brings student concerns and recommendations for change to the attention of faculty and administration. Faculty advisor: Cathy Kerr,, (513) 556-4629 and Michael McCarthy,, (513) 556-3879. 

Speech-Language Pathology 

The purpose of the Speech-Language Pathology graduate group is to facilitate professional interest among graduate students in the study of communication sciences and disorders.  Faculty advisor: Dr. Carney Sotto,, (513) 558-8528. 

Student Dietetic Association (SDA)

The mission of the SDA at the University of Cincinnati is to increase the awareness of nutrition and personal health throughout the community and on campus and to encourage professional development among the members.  Faculty advisor: Becky Smith,, (513) 558-7506.

University of Cincinnati Association of Black Social Workers

The University of Cincinnati Association of Black Social Workers stands to unify the black student body by empowering our community as a whole.  The organization emphasizes the capability of positive changed and the promotion of social justice.  Faculty advisor: Carol Wheeler-Strother,, (513) 556-4635.