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Mid-Collegiate Touch Point Conference

All you need to know about one of the College of Allied Health's signature events, the Mid-Collegiate Touch Point conference. 

Who? The Mid-Collegiate Touch Point conference is designed for students entering in the professional curriculum portion of their undergraduate education. Depending on their major students, may be in their Sophomore, Junior or Senior year in the College of Allied Health Sciences. 

The college uses this "integrated core learning structure" so that our students graduate with all of the skills they need to be successful in the healthcare environment. 

Map of the CAHS Student cycle over the four years

What?  During this day-long conference, students sit in interprofessional groups to review and discuss a case study with an IPE facilitator. Students will learn about a patient case that hits close to home.

In five videos, they will hear from Alison and Tim Delgado, who experienced a devastating accident in October of 2010. In sections stretching from the initial accident to long-term recovery, students watch videos of the Delgados and their allied health caregivers discussing the case, including Alison’s nutritionist, physical therapist, speech pathologist, and the Medical Director of Transfusion Services.

When? The last Mid-Collegiate Touch Point conference will be held on Tuesday, October 10th 9 am - 12:30 pm.

Where? Zimmer Hall Auditorium

Why? According to Gideon Labiner, Associate Professor-Educator of medical laboratory sciences, the conference teaches them how to work in interdisciplinary teams. “During the discussions after each video, students find themselves in interdisciplinary conversations, explaining their profession and its role to their peers—and learning about other allied health professions. The Delgados’ story draws them into the conversation,” he says.

Attire? In consideration of this professional conference, we recommend wearing business casual attire.

Registration: Registration for Fall 2017 is closed.

Please read the instructions on the sign-up page very carefully!!!

The program will begin promptly at its designated times. See below:
Registration is open – 9am - 9:30am
Program begins – 9:30am
Program ends – 12:30pm

Due to the strict timing of our program, it is imperative that you show up on time.

Materials to Bring: Because the post survey will be done electronically, please bring a device on which you can easily answer survey questions. All other materials will be provided to you. Please come with an open mind and willingness to participate. You won't be sorry!

Quotes from student participants: 

“I wish we had more of these experiences to understand TEAM sooner because let's face it, we will see our classmates again in the healthcare field.”

“The whole dynamic of her recovery team supplied the right amount of knowledge and encouragement for Alison to heal from her trauma.”

MCTP Digital Sign - 2017
Mid-Collegiate group discussing topics in healthcare

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