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Student Organizations 

Student Dietetic Association (SDA)

The Student Dietetic Association (SDA) is an organization for students interested in nutrition and dietetics. The organization is open to all University of Cincinnati students. The Student Dietetic Association gives students the opportunity to meet other students who are interested in the field of nutrition. SDA also gives students the opportunity to participate in social activities, community service, and other events related to nutrition and health promotion. Students may join SDA on a quarterly basis for a minimal fee. Membership meetings are held monthly during the academic year. Participation in SDA activities is required to maintain active membership.

The advisor for the SDA is Audrey Miller, MS, RD. If you are interested in joining SDA or have any questions, contact the SDA President Carley Schmidt at 

The 2016-2017 SDA Officers are as follows:

President - Carley Schmidt
Vice President - ​Anna Smith
Secretary - Abby Rhodes
Treasurer - Mariah Sano
Editor - Caroline Riewe
Activities Coordinator - ​Hanna Thomsen
Assistant Activities Coordinator - ​Bobbi Gregory

 Student Dietetic Association at FNCE 2015


Graduate Student Governance Association (GSGA)

The purpose of the Graduate Student Governance Association (GSGA) is to promote communication and interaction within the graduate student body. In addition, monthly meetings are held to discuss current information and to allow students to voice their concerns about graduate education at the University of Cincinnati.The advisor for this group is Dr. Seung-Yeon Lee. Dr. Lee can be reached at for any questions. 

For more detailed information regarding the Association, visit


Nutrition Graduate Student Association (NGSA)

NGSA is an organization for students pursuing a master's of nutritional sciences degree. NGSA will hold activities throughout the year for students to enhance their resume/CV through thesis sessions, professor round tables, volunteer events, and more. NGSA is affiliated with GSGA and is active in this organization through monthly meetings. GSGA provides grant opportunities for conference travel, thesis research, NGSA activities, and more. Please join our organization on CampusLink to receive updates about meetings and events.The advisor for NGSA is Dr. Seung-Yeon Lee, PhD. 

The 2016-2017 Executive Team:

President: Akhila Dandamudi
Vice President: Maggie Cooper
Treasurer: ​Ashley Coram
Secretary: Kathryn Hitchcock
Media/Communications In-charge: Jessica Tommie

UC Nutri-Ed

UC Nutri-Ed is an organization for nutrition and dietetics students interested in nutrition education for the community. This organization is open to students within the food and nutrition and dietetics undergraduate tracks as well as graduate students studying nutritional sciences. UC Nutri-Ed provides students the opportunity to develop nutrition education and deliver it to community members in a variety of settings throughout the Greater Cincinnati region. UC Nutri-Ed meets monthly to develop curriculum and discuss upcoming volunteer opportunities. Students that participate with UC Nutri-Ed will gain valuable experience in curriculum development, public speaking, behavior change techniques, and collaborative working strategies while providing evidence-based nutrition education. Please join our organization on CampusLink to receive updates about meetings and events. The advisor for UC Nutri-Ed is Dr. Seung-Yeon Lee, PhD. If you are interested in participating in UC Nutri-Ed, please contact the organization at

 The 2016-2017 Executive Team:

President: Kathryn Hitchcock
Vice President: Chloe Whaley
Treasurer: Maggie List

UC Nutri-ED 2016-17 Officers


Masters student presenting her research

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Phone: 513-558-7503
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