Communicating with Hearing Loss Support Group (CHLSG)

CHLSG is a group therapy program with the goal of enhancing the lives of adults living with hearing loss and their communication partners.  This is completed through education, auditory training, psychosocial activities, and strategy development.  The group will consist of four individuals with mild to severe hearing loss along with their accompanying communication partner.  All CHLSG group members will benefit from this experience through communicating and socializing with others going through similar situations. 

Graduate students in the audiology program (Au.D.) will guide the group through educational instruction and learning activities.  Hearing aids provide access to sound missed with hearing loss.  It takes time and practice for the brain to get used to hearing things previously unheard.  Aural rehabilitation programs allow patients to practice their auditory skills and improve their overall communication.  This enables hearing aid users to be comfortable with their devices and more confident in social situations. 


The group consists of adults with mild to severe hearing loss who wear hearing aids.  Each of these individuals is asked to bring a communication partner with them to be a member of the therapy group.  


The summer pilot program will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00am to 11:30am for four weeks.  The dates of the group start on Tuesday, June 14th and last until June 30th.


University of Cincinnati Speech and Hearing Clinic
Health Sciences Building
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Cincinnati, OH 45267


The pilot program will be free of charge.  One parking pass per communication pair will be provided. 


Call our Clinic directly to register or for questions

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