Foundational Studies in Allied Health Sciences

Pathway for incoming first-year students 

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The information provided below is to be used by students admitted to the University of Cincinnati (UC), College of Allied Health Sciences Foundational Studies in Allied Health Sciences pathway. This pathway is offered strictly to high school students seeking admission into programs at the College of Allied Health Sciences but do not meet the programs' requirements. This pathway is not offered to students who are already admitted to the UC nor is it for transfer students from any other college or university.

Foundational Studies in Allied Health Sciences is a transition pathway that will allow you to transfer into any of our undergraduate programs after you have successfully completed the participation requirements. Acceptance to these programs is determined by the program's requirements and is NOT an automatic transition.

The objective of this pathway is to provide you with academic coaching support and mentoring to promote a successful transition into the academic degree program of your choosing.

During the first semester, Foundational Studies in Allied Health Sciences' you are required to participate in the following academic support activities:

  • Attend academic coaching sessions in the Learning Assistance Center
  • One-on-one meetings with their academic advisor
  • Regular faculty/peer mentoring sessions

Additional support requirements beyond the first semester are determined on an individual basis in consultation with the Office of Student Affairs.

While most students transition into an academic program within the first year, it is important to note the maximum duration of this pathway is two years or completion of 60 credit hours. If you become ineligible or withdraw, then you must choose a new major. You must achieve the cumulative grade point average (GPA) and any other requirements for the program of interest in order to be eligible to transition into the CAHS degree program of your choosing.


Foundational Studies in Allied Health Sciences pathway Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You were offered admission to the pathway in our college because, while you did not meet the admission requirements of your desired major, due to the strength of your application, we believe you will be successful in your chosen field of study and would like to offer you the opportunity to achieve this goal.

No. Participating in the pathway will not delay your graduation. You will be taking courses towards your desired degree just as if you were directly admitted into the program.

Your transition into your desired major is determined strictly by your academic performance. Each major in the college has a cumulative GPA that must be achieved. Additionally, some programs have additional course requirements for admission. See the CAHS transition students page for more information on transitioning into one of our programs.

Once you meet the transition requirements (see question #3), you can enter into your desired major. Most majors allow students to transition after one semester. Due to the program major requirements it is a minimum of two semesters to transition into Health Sciences. The maximum duration of the pathway is two years or 60 credit hours.

No. You will enroll in the same courses as the other students in your desired major.

The pathway provides additional support with

  • Minimum of 6 academic coaching sessions during fall semester
  • One-on-one meetings with an academic advisor
  • One-on-one meetings with a faculty mentor

​If you have any additional questions please email