How to Apply

PLEASE NOTE: The application procedure for the Cincinnati - Arkron Collaborative program is separate and not related to the application procedures for the ​on campus program.  The program does not use CSDCAS in any way. Anyone applying to both programs will have to complete both processes. 

Steps to apply to the Cincinnati - Akron Collaborative program.

  • Complete/enroll for prerequisite courses. 
  • Schedule/take the GRE
  • Submit the preliminary application
  • Wait for invitation to submit the full application through the Graduate School
  • When invited, submit full application via the Graduate School (follow all Graduate School procedures including submission of GRE scores directly to the UC Graduate School (institution code = 1833).
Dates for University of Cincinnati - Akron Collaborative program
Preliminary Application Period Opens November 1, 2018

Preliminary Application Due

March 1, 2019

Preliminary Applications Notification

April 15, 2019

Full Application Due*

June 1, 2019

Acceptance Notification

July 1, 2019


October, 2019

Program of Study Begins

January, 2020


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