Headshot of Lesley J. Raisor-Becker

Lesley J. Raisor-Becker

Assistant Professor-Educator, Speech-Language Pathology

258 French East


Lesley Raisor-Becker, PhD, is a researcher, teacher, and practicing clinician specializing in the language and literacy development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  Her research interests include:  the effects of prenatal drug/alcohol exposure on development, social skill and executive function in children, and pedagogy/supervision.  She is also interested in the use of integrative health practices in allied health disciplines.  She has taught numerous online and face-to-face courses and has presented at the national, state, and local levels.
Headshot of Krista A. Beyrer

Krista A. Beyrer

Director of Clinical Education, SLP; Associate Professor Clinical, Speech-Language Pathology

361 HSB


Krista is an Associate Professor Clinical and the Director of Clinical Education in Communication Sciences and Disorders (SLP) at UC. Her clinical focus is adults with acquired neurogenic communication disorders. She is also an undergraduate mentor and Capstone advisor. Krista has taught Neurogenic Speech Disorders, Neurogenic Language Disorders, Clinical Process I:  Professional Issues and Assessment, NeuroCognitive Disorders and Healthcare Ethics. Krista holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech Language Pathology, Ohio State Licensure, Ohio Board and Teaching Certifications, Kentucky State License and is also a member of the American Speech Language Hearing Association.
Headshot of Suzanne E. Boyce

Suzanne E. Boyce

Professor & Graduate Program Director , Speech-Language Pathology

345B French East

513 558 8509

Headshot of Sandra G.  Combs

Sandra G. Combs

Dr. Combs, Speech-Language Pathology

379 HSB


Sandra G. Combs completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Kentucky in 1988.  She earned her Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology at the University of Cincinnati in 1990. And, her Ph.D. in 2009 at the University of Cincinnati in Communication Sciences and Disorders with an emphasis in language, literacy. 
Dr. Combs has practiced clinically as a speech language pathologist for over 25 years.  Her area of clinical focus has primarily been with preschool and school-age children.  Dr. Combs has continued to supervise clinically at the University of Cincinnati in both preschool settings and on campus as well as in the Ultrasound Clinic. She teaches numerous courses at UC, including undergraduate courses in Phonetics, and Communication Disorders in Media and Literature, Clinical Processes and Freshman seminar. In addition to these courses, Dr. Combs teaches the School-Aged Language Courses and, Autism and other Developmental Disabilities to both on campus and distance MA programs and, Literacy for SLPs.  She also works with Doctoral level students in language and literacy.
Dr. Combs’ research interests include collaborative trainings for teachers of children at-risk for later language and learning disabilities related to poverty or English Language Learning, vocabulary development for ELLs, reading comprehension strategies and collaborative models of intervention for school-age children.  
Dr. Combs has presented her research findings in regards to collaborative teacher training programs for language enrichment, RtI  and reading comprehension strategies at the local, state, and national level.   
Dr. Combs served the Ohio Speech Language Hearing Association as the Schools Professional Practice Representative, the State Education Advocacy Liason with ASHA and as the President of the Association. 
Headshot of Nancy Creaghead

Nancy Creaghead

Professor, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Speech-Language Pathology

375 HSB


Dr. Nancy Creaghead is Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Cincinnati. She is responsible teaching in the areas of language acquisition and intervention. She has had previous experience in preschool classes for language impaired and hearing impaired children and in a special school for learning disabled children. Her research, publications and presentations have been primarily in the areas of language and phonological acquisition and disorders and classroom communication. Since 1993, she has been involved in developing distance learning programs to address shortages of SLPs in several states. She has lectured at numerous workshops and meetings at the local, state, national and international levels, including the 1978 through 2011 ASHA conventions. She holds an M.S. from Purdue University and Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati and is an ASHA Fellow and recipient of the Honors of the Association. She served two terms on the ASHA Executive Board and was President of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in 2002. She also served as President of the Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders.
Headshot of Aimee Dietz

Aimee Dietz

Professor & Program Director MA SLP Program , Speech-Language Pathology

365 HSB


Headshot of Sarah Hamilton Dugan

Sarah Hamilton Dugan

Post Doc Fellow, Speech-Language Pathology

French East


Headshot of Stacey M Gerding

Stacey M Gerding

Asst Professor - Adj Rep, Speech-Language Pathology

French East


Headshot of Lisa N. Kelchner

Lisa N. Kelchner

Professor & Co-Program Director of TTI Distance Learning, Speech-Language Pathology

353 French East


Dr. Kelchner is a tenured professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Cincinnati where she is dedicated to the graduate education and training of future clinicians and researchers. She currently teaches graduate coursework in the area of voice and swallowing disorders to both campus and distance learning students. Research areas of interest include swallowing, voice and complex airway disorders and telehealth. She is actively involved in translational, and clinical research focused on how the voice can be used to indicate the competence of the larynx in airway protection and investigating the role of lingual pressures in swallowing disorders. She has established a voice and swallowing research lab at the University of Cincinnati where masters and doctoral students have collaborative projects with area hospitals and physician practices. Since 2005, Dr. Kelchner has been a clinical research affiliate with the Department of Speech Pathology at the Cincinnati Hospital Medical Center where she is part of an interdisciplinary team dedicated to the clinical care and research of voice outcomes in children who post airway reconstruction. Dr. Kelchner has numerous publications and regularly contributes presentations to scientific and clinical forums.
Headshot of Amber Nicole Meadows

Amber Nicole Meadows

Asst Professor - Educator, Speech-Language Pathology

381 HSB


Headshot of Erin E. Redle

Erin E. Redle

Adjunct Assistant Professor , Speech-Language Pathology

French East


Headshot of Noah H Silbert

Noah H Silbert

Assistant Professor, Speech-Language Pathology

G45D French East


Noah H. Silbert's training and background is in phonetics, perceptual modeling, and statistics. He conducts research on the acoustics of speech production and the perception of complex sounds, including speech. Dr. Silbert teaches courses on various statistical topics (e.g., statistical signal processing, multivariate statistics, Bayesian data analysis), research methods, and current topics in communication sciences and disorders.

Dr. Silbert's CV can be viewed or downloaded here.
Headshot of Carolyn (Carney) D Sotto

Carolyn (Carney) D Sotto

Undergraduate Program Director, Speech-Language Pathology

384 HSB


Headshot of Karla N Washington

Karla N Washington

Associate Professor and Director PedLLS Lab, Speech-Language Pathology

352C HSB


Karla Washington is an Associate Professor and licensed speech-language pathologist with certification/licensure in Canada, Jamaica, and the United States. She studies speech and language development and disorders across a linguistic spectrum using various technologies (e.g., acoustic analysis and neuroimaging) and applies the lens of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health - Children and Youth (ICF-CY; WHO, 2007). Her research with monolingual English speaking children aims to understand variation in response interventions with known efficacy. Her population of focus is children diagnosed with developmental language disorders and those who are typically developing. Her research with bilingual children aims to characterize typical versus disordered profiles in speech sound production and expressive language. She has uses Jamaican Creole and English-speaking children as a model system to achieve this characterization. She has active programs of clinical research in each area of focus and leads an interdisciplinary and international team of researchers that is improving our understanding of the developing child.

Karla Washington is published in journals such as American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology; Child Care Health and Development; Child Language Teaching and Therapy, International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology; Journal of Communication Disorders; and Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research. Her research has been funded by entities such as the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, University of Cincinnati Office of Research, and an Endowment to the Jamaican Creole Language Project.
Headshot of Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson

Adj Instructor of Clinical, Speech-Language Pathology



Headshot of Tammy J Downey

Tammy J Downey

Program Coordinator, Communication Sciences & Disorders



AA: University of Cincinnati


Program Coordinator for the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department which offers AuD, Masters and PhD degrees and which houses the speech and audiology clinics.

Headshot of Kathleen B. Hykle

Kathleen B. Hykle

Business Manager, Communication Sciences & Disorders

French East


Headshot of Linda L Roedig

Linda L Roedig

Program Coordinator, Communication Sciences & Disorders

G65 French East


Being the Program Coordinator of the CSD clinic, I enjoy the best of both worlds, by having the pleasure of working closely with faculty and students. We provide speech and audiology services, including hearing aids to the community, as well as, contracting  out with head start programs and retirement homes to enrich their communication skills. It is very rewarding.  Outside of UC, I  spend much of my free time volunteering in the community and promoting our clinic.

Additional Faculty

Phyllis Breen, MA - Speech-Language Pathology

Linda Lee, PhD - Speech-Language Pathology

Jo-Anne Prendeville, EdD - Speech-Language Pathology

Gloriajean Wallace, PhD - Speech-Language Pathology ​


Lisa Froehlich, PhD Adjunct Instructor SLP

Julie Griffith, PhD Adjunct Instructor SLP

Kathy Groves Wright, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor VA SLP

Bernice Klaben, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor UC ENT SLP

Kate Krival Adjunct Assistant Professor SLP

Ann Kummer, PhD Adjunct Professor CCHMC SLP

Rochel Lazewnik Adjunct Instructor SLP

Claire Miller, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor CCHMC SLP

Joy Musser, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor SLP

Lindsay Riegler, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor VA SLP

Kaci Stenger Adjunct Instructor SLP

Ann Slone Adjunct Instructor SLP

Christina Tkacz Adjunct Instructor SLP

Jennifer Vannest, PhD Adjunct Instructor of Clinical CCHMC SLP 

Irving Wollman, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical CCHMC SLP