Program Director

Headshot of Joan M. Murdock

Joan M. Murdock

Associate Professor - Clinical, Program Director (MHA), CAHS School of Social Work

French Hall


Director of MHA Program Evaluation and Capstone

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Michelle Renee Chyatte

Asst Professor - Educator, CAHS School of Social Work

104 HSB


Dr. Michelle Renee Chyatte, DrPH, MPH is an Assistant Professor and Capstone Director in MHA program at the University of Cincinnati. She has over a decade of experience with mixed methodology multi-level research, health care delivery systems, and curriculum development for public health and medical students. As a published researcher and educator, she is also known for serving on a number of national strategic planning committees. Dr. Chyatte has presented at well over a dozen national and international conferences and helped procure over $4 million in grant monies. 

Previous work has been in the design, implementation, and evaluation of health policy strategies for health care industry leaders including: The Centers for Disease Control, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and The Pennsylvania Department of Health. As a former NPR reporter, legislative policy coordinator, Dr. Chyatte has extensive experience/knowledge of state and federal legislatures, preparing policy briefs, annual reports, and white papers for stakeholders and legislative staff. She parlayed her careers in journalism and health care policy which has helped her assist in development and procurement of value-added strategic partnerships at both the state and federal level through inter-agency meetings and grant procurement. 

Program Manager

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Stephanie Rae Keith

Program Manager, Health Administration, CAHS School of Social Work

106 HSB


Course Directors

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James R. Boex

Professor Emeritus, College of Medicine , CAHS School of Social Work

Medical Sciences Building


James R. Boex, PhD MBA, is an Emeritus Professor of Medical Education at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.  He also holds faculty appointments in Health Care Administration in the College of Allied Health Sciences at UC and in Family and Community Medicine at the Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED). 
Dr.  Boex has been active in health professions education for more than forty years.  Joining NEOUCOM/NEOMED  in the 1970s, he held administrative assignments in both the Dean's office and the President's office, and helped to develop a wide range of the College’s policies and practices. In the 1990s he shifted to faculty responsibilities in the Division of Community Health Sciences, where he helped guide the development and implementation of NEOUCOM's then nationally-recognized curriculum in population medicine, served as Associate Chair, and was elected a Master Teacher of the College. 
In addition to these efforts, for approximately ten years Boex successfully represented NEOUCOM in Columbus and Washington, working with regulators and legislators on a variety of health care and health professions education initiatives.  In the private sector his consulting clients have included many major health care and higher education institutions as well as the AHA, COGME, and the Pew Charitable Trusts.
In 2006 he moved to The University of Cincinnati with a joint appointment as Professor of Public Health Sciences in the College of Medicine and Professor of Health Care Administration in the College of Allied Health Sciences.  He served as the founding Director of the university's MPH degree program and as founding Associate Director of its innovative on-line MHA degree program.  As Professor in the College of Medicine’s Department of Medical Education he also chaired the College of Medicine’s successful 2011 re-accreditation process.
An active investigator throughout his career, Boex’s nationally-recorgnized work on community-based health professions education and the interactions between clinical education and clinical care has been supported by HRSA, the CDC, the Kellogg Foundation, the New York and Massachusetts Departments of Health, and others. 
Following his retirement from full-time work in 2012, Dr. Boex returned to his home in Hudson, Ohio, from where he has continued a reduced schedule of teaching, consulting, community service and other activities.
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Charles Henry Elliott

Instructor - Adj, Master of Health Administration

French East


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Amy D Short

Lecturer, COM EH Epi Brunst Lab

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Laura L Walden

Professor - Adj, CAHS School of Social Work

French Hall


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Kristen Lee Safier

Instructor - Adj, Master of Health Administration

French East


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William V Banks

Instructor - Adjunct, LCB Econ Adjuncts

106 2925 Campus Green Drive


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Molly A Rogers

Assistant Professor - Adjunct, LCB Accounting

316 2925 Campus Green Drive


Professor Rogers is a CPA and holds a Masters in Finance which was started at the University of Michigan, and finished at the University of Cincinnati. She graduated from UC with an undergraduate degree in Accounting and spent the next 10 years with Ernst and Young in Audit and Advisory Services. While attending UC she played varsity Tennis. She left Ernst and Young to pursue teaching finance and accounting at the Xavier University MHA Program. After 10 years she left Xavier for St. Elizabeth Healthcare to serve in the Finance Division. While at St. Elizabeth she was the Director of Reimbursement and was involved in many of the accounting functions including cost accounting, budgeting and operations analysis. She also has served for many years as a Board member of Dental Care Plus, Inc., a Dental Insurance company headquartered in Sharonville. After almost 17 years at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, she returned to teach Accounting at UC. Professor Rogers" strong business background as well as interest in operations has lead her to teach Cost Accounting and Managerial Decision Making in the MBA program.