Summer Class Options

Summer plans canceled? Consider getting ahead in your degree with these online summer course options (options will depend on your program). 

This distance learning course introduces students to the language of medicine and allied health while reviewing the major organ systems of the body. Students will learn at their own pace within the boundaries of the course schedule.

This course looks at the importance of an appropriate diet and nutritional practices in one's life. It provides students with an introductory look at macronutrients and micronutrients. It reviews their basic metabolism,absorption, transport, and their effects on an individual's diet to promote optimal health and lessen the risk for chronic disease. Students willassess and compare dietary intakes to national reference standards.

This course introduces the discipline of sociology. Sociology is the systematic study of social interaction and social organization, particularly in contemporary society. Included is an examination of major research findings and theories related to the social causes and consequences of human behavior. Students are introduced to research methods, social structure and institutions, culture, socialization, social inequality, and social change.

This course is designed to give an overview of the field of Psychology and its major sub-fields: physiology (biology of behavior, consciousness, perception), cognition (learning, thought, language), social, organizational, developmental, personality, and psychopathology and its treatment. Students will be equipped to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the various research methods used in the field. Students will be encouraged to analyze psychological theories and make applications of research findings to their lives.

Each degree program may require specific general education requirements. Contact our academic advising team and we can let you know which courses are available for your major for summer. 

The curriculum for each degree program includes a unique set of courses. Contact our academic advising team and we can let you know which courses are available for your major for summer. 

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You can view all available summer courses offered at the university via UC's public Catalyst search tool. 

When you are ready, reach out to Anna on our academic advising team and she can help you get the process started.

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