Pass Grading FAQ

Grading Policy, Spring and Summer 2020

The College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS) will accommodate the disruption caused by the coronavirus initiated move to remote instruction by allowing students to convert a grade of C- or above to Pass (P)  after final grades are awarded.

  • Instructors will continue to submit letter grades for courses (nothing changes for the faculty members).
  • For Summer, CAHS students can log into catalyst  to convert a grade of C- or higher to a "P" starting on June 1st (after your instructor has submitted final grades for the class). 
  • CAHS students may choose this option on a course by course basis in those courses for which they’ve earned a grade of C- or higher.
  • Only grades of “C-” or better can be converted to a “P” grade.
  • CAHS students who receive a D or F grade will not be given the option to convert their grade.

Registrar Resources

The UC Registrar Office has created Pass Grade Opt-in Resources that includes a GPA calculator, instructions on how to change your grade to a pass and more. 

Students FAQ about Grade Policy Change for Spring and Summer 2020

In general, most professional schools are encouraging students to keep the traditional A-F grade option if possible. There is a big variety in how professional schools are seeing pass/fail; some schools will accept P/F grades without question while others are asking students to verify that they were required to take the P/F grade. If you feel you MUST take the pass grade instead of a traditional grade, do know the schools will look at this with some hesitancy. It’s not that the class won’t be accepted, they will just have questions on why you chose this option. Schools realize this is a unique and stressful time and students are juggling many individual situations. So the other piece to consider is how they will see this within the context of all your courses before, during and after this semester. 

 Linked below are extensive FAQs prepared by UC’s Pre-Professional Advising Center.

No.  Ideally, you should finish your coursework to the best of your ability.  From there, view your final grade before deciding how to proceed.

Moving to remote learning has been difficult for both students and instructors, but it was the only way to protect our community’s safety. The College of Allied Health Sciences’ decision allows CAHS students to switch to a Pass (P) option after they receive a final grade in courses with C- or higher, so they can make choices that reflect individual circumstances during these difficult times.

No. CAHS has chosen to give students the option to switch to Pass (P) in courses where they’ve earned a C- or higher – no one must switch. Each student can decide what is best for their individual goals and circumstances. Starting on June 1st you will be able to make changes in Catalyst for summer courses (after your instructor has submitted final grades), if you chose to do so.

Yes, after the faculty grading deadline, you will be able to log into Catalyst and make a decision for every course (including those taught by other UC colleges) on your schedule where you have earned a C- or better. Grades of D or F will not have the option to change.

Each college was able to make a policy decision that is effective only for their majors, regardless of the college in which the course is being offered. So if your friend is from a college who chose a different policy, they will have different options than you have.

The CAHS decision to give CAHS students a choice of changing a grade of C- or better to a Pass (P) follows you, regardless of the course in which you are enrolled. In your case, you would have the option to convert your grade of C- or better to a Pass (P).

Converting from a grade of C- or better to a Pass (P) may impact your grade replacement request. Please work with your advisor closely before making any changes to your Spring or Summer grades.

A P has no effect on your GPA – it neither raises it nor lowers it. It has no quality points attached. 

If you are on academic warning/alert/probation, you should work with your advisor to be aware of the impact of choosing a P on your academic progression status.

A grade of P will meet the pre-requisite for courses that currently require a grade of C- or better. Catalyst will accept the P without a manual override of the course’s pre-req.

Please work with your current academic advisor who can help you review the transition guidelines for admission into CAHS programs. 

In addition to some self-help tools, like a GPA calculator, your faculty, Program Directors, and CAHS advisors will be ready to assist.

For Spring and Summer 2020, the university decided that only grades of C- or better would be included in the automatic Pass (P) option.  If you are concerned that your grade will be less than a C- due to the hardships you have incurred while learning from home, please discuss this issue with your professor now.

Yes. CAHS faculty has voted to allow this policy for both Spring 2020 and Summer 2020.

Yes, this option will be available for all applicable courses, regardless of program modality. If you have questions regarding the impact of a P on your online program progression, please work with your retention specialist or program director.

The option is available in several programs.  Please consult your program director for guidance. The Pass option is not available in the following programs:

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Graduate Certificates in Health Care (HC-A, HC-F, HC-O, HC-PR)
  • Master of Health Administration (MHA)
  • Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT)

Here is a sample schedule, with final grades and options you could choose:

  • BIOL 1082: A (do not convert to Pass (P), keep the A!)
  • BIOL 1082L: A- (do not convert to Pass (P), keep the A-!)
  • MATH 1021: B- (may or may not convert to Pass (P))
  • CHEM1040: C (After talking to your adviser, you may want to convert to P. That grade of P will count as the pre-req for CHEM1041.)
  • SOC 1001: D (you do not have the option to make a change)