Transfer Student

Transfer students are students that are who wish to transfer to the University of Cincinnati (UC) from a college or university outside of the University of Cincinnati system.

If you are currently at UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont, you are considered a transition student

Advisor checks paperwork for student

Step #1 Do you meet the transfer requirements?

College of Allied Health Sciences Transfer Admission Requirements*


minimum GPA requirement

Other requirements

Advanced Medical Imaging and Technology

2.8 cumulative (UC GPA + transfer GPA)


Communication Sciences & Disorders

3.0 cumulative (UC GPA + transfer GPA)

-1 year of Natural Science**(2 courses, any combination) 

-3.0 GPA average in all Science courses

Nutrition & Dietetics

3.0 cumulative (UC GPA + transfer GPA)

CHEM1030 and CHEM1030L OR CHEM 1030/1031 (without labs) completed

Health Sciences (Exercise and Movement, Physiologic Science, Nutrition Sciences, and Behavior & Occupation Studies)


3.0 cumulative (UC GPA + transfer GPA)

-1 year of a science sequence completed (Bio, Chem, Physics or Anatomy) w/no grade below C-***

Medical Laboratory Sciences


3.0 cumulative (UC GPA + transfer GPA)


Social Work


2.75 cumulative (UC GPA + transfer GPA)


 *Requirements subject to change each academic year

**CSD Natural Science includes courses from courses from the following departments:

  • Biology, 
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Physics
  • Environmental Studies

***Health Sciences science sequence must meet one of the following UC equivalencies:

  • A&P: BIOL2001C AND BIOL2002C
  • Chemistry: CHEM1040/1040L AND CHEM1041/1041L 
  • Physics: PHYS1051/1051L AND PHYS1052/1052L 
  • Biology: BIOL1081/1081L AND BIOL 1082/1082L

You are ready to apply through Admissions as a trasfer student.

If you do not meet the above transfer requirements, please schedule an appointment with the Center for Pathways Advising and Student Success. 

Need to know if your credits will transfer?

Before you request a meeting with a CAHS advisor, please use Transferology to discover how your coursework will transfer to UC. Reviewing your courses in Transferology prior to meeting with an advisor ensures your appointment will be the most accurate and productive. An advisor can then assist with discussing information on how to apply your courses to our program requirements as well as answer other questions related to the transfer process.

Once you have reviewed your courses in Transferology, you can request an appointment with a CAHS advisor.

Step #3 Confirm Your Admission 

After you apply and have been accepted you will need to confirm your admission. Once you have confirmed your admission, you will receive a welcome email with your academic advisor assignment and additional important information. Once you receive the email, please submit the form below to request an appointment or call 513-558-8556.

Registration is based on the total number of semester hours you transfer to UC (please check your transcripts for this information). To find your registration date, please check the early registration schedule. Please request an appointment for the date registration opens or after.

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Academic Advising

College of Allied Health Sciences

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