Distinguished Alumni

Three previous Distinguished Alumni Award winners with their awards

Distinguished Alumni Awards

Each year, the College of Allied Health Sciences will award one alumnus from each department with a Distinguished Alumni Award. Please join us as we continue this exciting tradition.


20th anniversary 20 in 20 Award

During the college's 20th anniversary in 2018, 20 individuals were given the 20 in 20 award at the 20th Anniversary Celebration. This honor repalced the Distinguished Alumni Awards for 2018.

Recipients of this honor are as follows: 

Beth Bextermueller
Genise Caldwell, MA,CCC-SLP, ’05,’07
Susan Carlson,MSW,LISW-S
Sarah Couch, PhD,RD
Nancy Creaghead, PhD, CCC-SLP
John Gatch
Donald Harrison, MD
Terri Hollenkamp MA, CCC-SLP,’83,’85
Elizabeth King, PhD
Laura Kretschmer EdD
Colin MacPherson MD (1924-2004)
Lizanne Mulligan, PhD ,PT
Jean Sepate MSW,LISW-S, ‘83
Becky Smith, MEd, RD
Rose Smith, DPT, MEd, PT, SCS, ATC
Paul Steele, MD
Nancy Talbott, PhD, MS, PT
Jeanette Taylor, PhD
Alan Vespie, MEd, CNMT, RT(N), ‘12
Tina Whalen, EDD, DPT, MPA, PT

Distinguished Alumni Award Criteria

  • Graduate of the University of Cincinnati in one of the following departments: clinical and health information sciences, communication sciences and disorders, rehabilitation, exercise and nutrition sciences, or social work more than 10 years ago.
  • Has made a significant contribution in his or her chosen profession through practice, teaching, administration, education, research, writing, organizational work involving health care or an innovation in health care.
  • Current employees of the University of Cincinnati are not eligible for consideration


Recent Graduate Achievement Award Criteria

  • Has distinguished themselves in their chosen profession or community service
  • Graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Allied Health Sciences within the past 10 years
  • Current employees of the University of Cincinnati are not eligible for consideration
  • Individuals who have been presented the Recent Graduate Achievement award may be nominated and selected at a later date for the Distinguished Alumni award. There must be at least five years between the presentation of the Recent Graduate Achievement award and the nomination for the Distinguished Alumni Award.



Julie A. Dooling, '13, '15
Gene K. Balzar '80, '83
Allison E. Baker-Kuhn '13, '15
Amy Banks '06
Miriam Crenshaw '83
UC Alumni Association Outstanding Alumni Award for CAHS: Nancy Nevin-Folino

Alan Vespie, MEd,CNMT, RT(N), 82', 97'
Ian McKay, PhD, 76', 91'
Nicholas Ollberding, PhD, 08'
Elizabeth Dulaney-Cripe, MD, 05', 09'
Gregory Stewart, PhD, 81', 12'
UC Alumni Association Outstanding Alumni Award for CAHS: Jean Sepate, 70', 83'

Dana Harley, PhD, MSW, LISW-S, '03
Julie Honaker, PhD, '99, '06
Debra Lierl, Med, RRT, '75,
Thais C. Morata, PhD, '90
Lauren Niemes, Med, RD, LD, '83
Micahel Sclafani, DPT, CSCS, '13
UC Alumni Association Outstanding Alumni Award for CAHS: Judith A. Marlowe, PhD, FAAA, CCC-A '71

M. Kay Brown, MSW, '71, '02
Dawn Paulson, MJ, RHIA, 09
Harrison Blackmond, AuD, 70', '71
Shareen Lee, 07'
Nancy Nevin Folino, MA, 83'
Kent Martin, 10'

Sandra Tattershall, '76
Lawrence R. Suddendorf, EdD, MT, (ASCP), 71’ 80', 86'
Erin Head, 10'
Jean Sepate, 83'
Nancy Emenaker, 89'
Bethany Dugan, 06'

Ann Kumar
Kyle Combs, 08'
Pierce Boyne, 07'
Julie Kenniston, 10'
April Martin, 09'
Jason Roberts, 07'

Distinguished Alumni
Ruth Clinton, LISW-S, 78'
Marein de Jong, PhD, 02'
Wayne A. Secord, PhD, 80'

Recent Graduate Achievement Award Recipients
Christine Schumacher, RHIA, 07'
Lynzie Schulte, DPT, 05'
Tamara J. Ward, RD, CSO, LD, 08'

Distinguished Alumni
Polly A. Elmlinger, RHIA, 07'
Judith A. Hughes, BS, CNMT, 67'
Judith Marlowe, Ph.D., FAAA, 71'

Young Alumni Achievement Award Recipients
Fonnie G. Lawson, 00'
Erin A. Wagner, MS, 06'