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We offer the following advising/programming to current students who are enrolled in a College of Allied Health Sciences undergraduate program: 

First-Year Mandatory Advising

If you are a first-year student you are required to meet with your academic advisor in the fall and spring semesters of your first year to be able to register.


Sophomore Mandatory Advising

Sophomores are required to meet with their academic advisor once during their second year.  

Required Advising during Fall Semester:

  • Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Dietetics 

Required Advising during Spring Semester:

  • Communication, Sciences and Disorders
  • Health Sciences
  • Social Work


Junior & Senior Advising

If you are upperclassmen you are strongly encouraged to meet with your assigned advisor at least once a year in order to stay current on degree progress.

Advising Appointments 

Appointments can be scheduled with ​your assigned advisor through UC's online scheduling system, Canopy/Starfish.

Class Permission Requests

Need in a closed CAHS course? Request permission through our online form.  

Graduation Check Requests

Graduation checks can be completed online without an appointment. You should initiate a graduation check online no sooner than two semesters prior to completing your academic program. The “grad check” will indicate whether college and university requirements are completed (and, if no, what courses must yet be taken). If you are requesting a grad check you will receive a response from your academic advisor via email.

Please review the CAHS Student Handbook to understand the college policies and procedures.

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Academic Advising

College of Allied Health Sciences

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