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Clinical and Health Information Sciences

Clinical and Health Information Sciences Faculty Research
Faculty Name Research Statement
Nancy E. Colletti, PhD, RRT, CPFT Development of critical thinking skills using authentic learning activities
Jan Kelly, MBA, RHIA Online teaching and learning
Pamela Greenstone, MEd, RHIA Next generation of electronic health records, online teaching and learning 
Patricia Tille Ph.D. MLS(ASCP) FACSc  Online education and molecular microbiology
Victoria Wangia-Anderson, PhD, FHIMSS Leveraging public health and electronic clinical data to predict determinants of health in vulnerable populations

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Communication Sciences and Disorders Faculty Research
Faculty Name Research Statement  
Suzanne Boyce, PhD Automatic assessment of speech production, ultrasound biofeedback therapy for speech production of /r/  
Nancy Creaghead, PhD Childhood language, literacy and speech sound development and disorders; focus on cultural and linguistic diversity
Aimee Dietz, PhD Neurobiomarkers for augmentative and alternative communication-induced language recovery in post-stroke aphasia  
Jeffrey DiGiovanni, PhD, CCC-A Working memory, attention performance and models for persons with normal and impaired hearing  
Brian Earl, PhD, CCC-A Differential diagnosis of speech-in-noise listening difficulties; treatments for middle ear disorders
Lisa Kelchner, PhD (Emerita) Perceptual and instrumental assessment of voice, swallowing, and airway protection; supportive technology
Peter Scheifele, MD, PhD, LCDR USN (Ret.) Hearing acuity in African elephants
Karla  Washington, PhD Typical vs. disordered profiles in speech sound production; expressive language in bilingual and monolingual children  
Jennifer Vannest, PhD Studies of neuroplasticity for speech and language systems using functional MRI  
Carrie Rountrey, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Physiological & acoustic correlates to intelligibility in communication disorders bridging clinical & natural environments  
Victoria McKenna, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Compensations & interactions between the respiratory & laryngeal systems in speech, voice, and swallowing disorders  
Fawen Zhang, PhD, MD Neural mechanisms of normal and abnormal hearing using Electrophysiological techniques  

Rehabilitation, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Rehabilitation, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Faculty Research.
Faculty Name Research Statement
Pierce  Boyne, PT, DPT, PhD, NCS High intensity interval training in stroke recovery
Melinda Butsch Kovacic, MPH, PhD Improving health literacy and community health via stories and citizen science in underserved communities
Dan Carl, PhD A general focus on High-Intensity Interval Training in performance and conditioning with a specific interest in stroke
Sarah Couch, PhD, MS, RD Development of dietary interventions and assessments targeting CVD risk factors in adolescents
Kari Dunning, PhD, PT Electrical stimulation and high intensity interval training for gait recovery after stroke
Chalee Engelhard, PT, EdD, MBA, GCS Emeritus Scholarship of teaching and learning with a focus on clinical education and curricular design
Valerie Hill, OT, PhD Community-based intervention for stroke rehabilitation

Benjamin Just, PT, MPT 

Improving students to solve ill-structured problems; using video games to augment classroom delivery & feedback.

Fran Knox-Kazimierczuk, PhD, RDN, CSSD, LD
Community-partnered research to improve community health in underserved populations
Susan Kotowski, PhD Use of simulation and research experiences to improve student learning outcomes
Rebecca Leugers, PT, MS, NDT, LSVT Stroke survivors’ walking abilities in their homes, and how lifestyle management impacts walking ability 
Laurie Nommsen-Rivers, PhD, RD, IBCLC

Markers of obesity-driven insufficient breast milk production

Abigail Peairs, PhD The effects of the DASH diet on blood sugar levels in adolescents with type 1 diabetes
Nancy Talbott, PhD Ultrasound imaging of muscle at rest and during contraction; to visualize and measure movement
Seung-Yeon Lee, PhD Validation of food literacy tool in choice food pantry users with and without diabetes

School of Social Work

School of Social Work Faculty Research.
Faculty Name Research Statement
Shauna Acquavita, PhD, LCSW Integrated health and maternal and child health
Karlynn BrintzenhofeSzoc, PhD Alcohol use during cancer treatment; improving common counseling practice skills using simulation/virtual reality
Michelle Chyatte, MPH, DrPH Impact of foster care program on children’s health; emergency planning for foster children
Gary Dick, PhD Fatherhood and family violence in men, particularly veterans; instrument development
Dana Harley, PhD, MSW, LISW-S Community research and photovoice to study hope, optimism, and mental health in at risk populations
James Pease, PhD, LISW Suicide prevention and PTSD in Veteran and military populations; College student Veteran transition and reintegration
Ruth Anne Van Loon, PhD, MSW, LISW Evaluation of interprofessional education
Anjanette Wells, PhD Psychosocial needs and barriers of low-income minority patients in preventing and treating cancer
Jennifer Wright-Berryman, PhD Severe mental health disorders, adolescent and adult suicide; effectiveness of suicide prevention (Hope Squad)

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