Leadership Council

The CAHS Leadership Council increases awareness and support of academic programs, student accomplishments, and contributions of CAHS graduates to quality, professional services locally and nationally. Members of the Leadership Council are selected for their commitment to the mission of the college and willingness to be an ambassador for the college. 

Council Members

Pat Becker, Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group (PNPG)
Beth Bextermueller, University of Cincinnati CAHS (retired)
Tammy Brown, Christ Hospital, Miami University
Sarah Couch, University of Cincinnati CAHS
Miriam Crenshaw '83, WinMed Health Services
Lee Ann Damian '86, Handi-Craft Co.
Shannon DiMario '83, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Terri Hollenkamp '83, '85, Rehab Resources, Inc./Rehab on the Run Inc.
Audrey Miller, University of Cincinnati CAHS 
Scott Peters '96 
Erin Rumpke '03, University of Cincinnati CAHS
Jean Sepate '83, Lighthouse Youth Services (retired) 
Linda Wellman '84, '86, '06, Wellman Literacy & Learning
Tina Whalen '85, University of Cincinnati CAHS (Dean) 
Gage Woolley '15, Bethany House Services