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Chris Aaron Athanasiadis

Instructional Designer, CAHS CETIS



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Kyle McCarthy Bailey

Tech Team Lead, CAHS CETIS

French East


Information Technology
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Derrick Chandler

IT Coordinator, CL02 CETIS Tech Division, CAHS CETIS

French East


IT Coordinator (7/16 - Present)
Ensuring that the processes and procedures are in place and being followed accordingly

Computer User Support Spceicialist, CL02 (5/13 - 6/16)
Became the main personnel for creating, refining, and removing processed, and procedures, as taksed by the IT Director.  Sat on Search committees for new hires. Created SOPs for how to install and configure department specific softwares. Other job responsibilities include the following listed below:
  • Became an IT SME for the Sharp MFP Printing Technologies for each department, used by the college.  Made sure that any specified user was given access to their departmental printer, by adding them manually to the User Control List, referencing a 5 digit User Number that they would need to scan copy, and fax. Created documentation on how to install the Sharp MFP printers, and how to configure them. Communicated printers additions and removals with the Manager of Reprographic Services
  • Trained, and supervised the IT Student Worker staff on policies and procedures with lecture capture, digitization, re-imaging PCs, using Windows Backup, equipment checkout, classroom and lab sSupport, and joining workstations to our domain. Assisted with their devlopment of basic to intermediate desktop/laptop troubleshooting skills.
  • Began the installation of UniverSIS on iPads.  Tested successful with the Director of Academics for UC's School of Social Work.  Also, tested successful for the Director of Student Affairs in CAHS.
  • Assisted in poster printing and PRaISE, the CAHS Research Conference, held on West Campus.  Began as the IT Lead for PRaISE poster printing. Became the Lead IT/AV  Support Staff for the Annual PRaISE Event.    
Assigned the task of Point of Contact for all CAHS Services that require a GetIT Request to be filled out. Services Include, but not limited to:
  • New Phone Setup
  • Data Jack Activation
  • Voice Jack Activation
  • New Data Drop Installation
  • Server Storage Increase
Given the task of backup support for the Active Directory/Network Administrator of CAHS. 
  • Created documentation for users to fill out whenever they needed access to our network shares (Home and Shared directories on our file server). 
  • Began creating Security Groups and locking access down to only those security groups. 
  • Created GPOs for our IT Student Workers, as well as the labs onsite within CAHS.
  • Named as the backup Spiceworks Administrator.  Responsible for Creating User Accounts and Custom Attributes for the IT Help Desk database.  Job duties also include creating Asset Accounts, User Accounts, and Custom Attributes for the Device and People Inventory databases.

Equipment Applications Specialist, CL01 - CL02: (4/11 - 4/13)
Provided onsite IT/AV Support mainly for the College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS), located in the French Building on East Campus. One of the original founding members of the Center or Educational Technologies and Instructional Support, or CETIS for short.  Duties performed on a daily basis include:
  • PC imaging and rebuilding.
  • Hardware peripheral installation.
  • Software installs and configurations.
  • Lab desktop and laptop support.
  • Class projector setups
  • Lecture capture using Mediasite (Sonic Foundry) 
  • Poster printing
  • Digitizing VHS Tapes to DVDs.
Became the IT liaison for newly acquired School of Social Work, located in  French West. Accomplishments include:
  • Accepted the role as IT Project Manager for setting up the new Social Work Computer Lab.
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Sighle Ann Denier

Director, CAHS CETIS



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Christian Lawrence Drennen

Instructional Designer & Digital Media Specialist, Fac Dev CET & L

480 Langsam Library


I come to the University of Cincinnati after a 9 year tenure with Staples Incorporated; with experience in their Retail, Operations, and Dotcom business units. As a Learning Professional there, I worked to design and implement corporate training curriculums consistent with adult learning principles for a variety of classroom applications, including virtual and e-learning. Now, as an Instructional Designer for the CETIS team with the College of Allied Health, I strive to incorporate a systematic process of creating instructional materials in both classroom and  online environments. I am proficient in Adobe software, WebEx and virtual classroom platforms, course construction models, interaction and mental models, MLO, CBT, and engagement training.  I am an active member of GCATD and offer my talents in video production as a Programing Content Provider for the Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky – a public access network in the northern Kentucky area. 
Headshot of Don Hodges

Don Hodges

Director of Educational Technology and Instructional Support, CAHS CETIS



Headshot of Alec Daniel Metzger

Alec Daniel Metzger

Computer User Support Specialist CL02

Headshot of Jacob Cyril Wilhelm

Jacob Cyril Wilhelm

Instructional Designer, CAHS CETIS

French East