Success Coach

The College of Allied Health Sciences offers undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in success coaching with our college's success coach. 

What is Success Coaching?

Success Coaching is designed to support students, increase retention/graduation rates, and encourage academic success for students who identify as an underrepresented minority, pell-eligible, and first-generation. 

Success coaching can include meetings, regular communication programming, and serving as a connection point for various resources across campus.

What can a Success Coach help with?

A success coach can help with a variety of concerns and roadblocks.  Success coaches provide mentorship and holistic approaches/advice to help with academic performance, feeling included on campus, reaching personal objectives, and dealing with outside concerns outside of academics. Success coaches can also provide study training/tips, financial advice, goal-setting, overcoming setbacks, and post-graduation brainstorming. Anyone seeking assistance for these challenges is welcome to work with and utilitze the success coach. 

Why should I use a Success Coach?

UC CAHS students, particularly first-generation students, often find themselves navigating the complexities of higher education without a clear support system. Research indicates that many first-generation students lack familiarity with available campus services and struggle to identify where to seek assistance. Moreover, these students often view college as a crucial pathway to career and financial success. Given these challenges, the introduction of a success coach program could prove invaluable. Success coaches, akin to mentors, can play a pivotal role in bridging these gaps. Research suggests that mentorship programs, particularly during transition periods like entering college, significantly enhance students' abilities to succeed by connecting them with resources and advocates. Additionally, studies have shown that students who utilize institutional support services are more likely to persist in their academic journey and exhibit higher performance. 

About me

Success Coach with a student

I am Ronay Lyons and I currently serve as the success coach for the College of Allied Health Sciences.

 I am from Cincinnati, Ohio, born and raised, and I absolutely love it here. I graduated from Withrow High School and then attended and graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor's degree in public health. I love being a Bearcat and being able to serve Bearcats makes it even better for me. As a first-generation college student, I was able to take advantage of several opportunities that lead me here today, and I would like to show you that you can achieve the same thing.

Get connected

You can schedule an appointment with me through My Bearcat Network, the same way you would with your academic advisor. 

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Ronay Lyons

Success Coach