Promotions Request

Promote Your Event on our Digital Signage, Social Media Platforms and Email Listservs

The College of Allied Health Sciences recognizes the need to promote various messages, events or other important information to faculty, staff and students in the College of Allied Health Sciences. 

There are three ways in which you can promote your message: 

  • Post on our Digital Signages - which are displayed throughout the Health Sciences Building 
  • Send an email to faculty, staff or students through our listservs. 
  • Through our social media channels

Policies and Procedures

To promote your event or message, please submit a fully completed Promotions Request Form. Approved material will be displayed on appropriate channels. There is a 5 day review period for submissions. Unless notified of issues, expect to see your request up/sent after the 5 day review perioid. 

  • Hanging paper flyers is not permitted in the Health Sciences Building. 
  • Your event must be a minimum of 5 days in advance for us to consider posting/sending your promotion. 
    • Please note, If you need to reseve space for your event in the Health Sciences Building, please submit a request in 25Live or email You should have the space reserved prior to promoting your event. 
  • Artwork submitted must be in letter size portrait formatting either in JPG or PDF. All artwork must be compliant with UC branding standards.
  • It is strongly encouraged that announcements are professionally designed. To get information on rates and process for UC design projects, please contact the Marketing & Communications Office.
  • The College of Allied Health Sciences reserves the right to refuse any material that does not support the goals and objectives of the university and college. Information deemed inappropriate will not be accepted and decisions concerning appropriateness are at the sole discretion of the College of Allied Health Sciences.
  • The College of Allied Health Sciences will generally not accept advertising for products or services outside the university.  Additionally, vendor promotional materials will generally not be accepted.
  • Announcements must pertain to programs or events associated with the university, Academic Health Center, College of Allied Health Sciences and its affiliates.
  • Personal announcements, such as personal items for sale, housing requests, will not be accepted.
  • Requests for participants for student research projects should be submitted by the faculty member together to the CAHS Marketing & Communication Office for sending out through the student, faculty and staff listservs.
  • Alcohol will not be advertised except for special events which have received university alcohol approval.
  • The College of Allied Health Sciences reserves the right to edit content, background, colors, etc. 

Digital Signage

Digital Signage monitors are currently erected in the Health Sciences Building in the following locations:

  • Ground Floor, North Entrance 
  • Ground Floor, South Entrance
  • Ground Floor, Elevators
  • First Floor, Elevators
  • Second Floor, Elevators
  • Third Floor, Elevators

Some of the digital signages are reserved for wayfinding or building directions and others are utilized for marketing and promotion of events. Please note that in order to upload to the digital signage your event/message must be intended for faculty, staff and students. The screens are set up vertically and use a 4:3 aspect ratio. Attachments must be in portrait format: PDF, JPGs or PNGs. Additionally, many digital signage screens have to be read from far away. Because of this, limit the text and detail on your artwork. Please only include (in at least 20pt font). 

Social Media

The College of Allied Health Sciences has the following social media channels:

Twitter: @UCAlliedHealth
Facebook: University of Cincinnati College of Allied Health Sciences

Please submit your content, attachments (JPEG or PNG) and release date for inclusion on our social media pages.


The College of Allied Health Sciences has listservs for students, faculty and staff.  If you would like a to have an event/message sent via email, please ensure that your submission contains your full email message including the who, what, when, where, why and who to contact for more information. Any extra email attachments must be in PDF, JPEG or PNG format.

If your message is intended for a specific major or organization, please send your email message to the specific program listserv.

Promotions Request Form