First-Year Experience

Students on College Day

The College of Allied Health Sciences provides an exceptional and experiential first-year experience. First-year experience is the cornerstone upon which your university learning experience is built.

The faculty, advisors, peer leaders and student ambassadors are dedicated to supporting and helping you succeed by learning to utilize resources and taking full advantage of your time on campus during your first year at UC.

College of Allied Health Sciences First-Year Experience Global Themes

  • Social Belonging and Community Building
  • Connecting to College Resources
  • Academic Habits and Metacognitive Skills
  • Self-Management Skills

We want you to have the very best transition into the university setting. Should you have any questions or want additional information, please feel free to contact us.

All first-year students are required to attend Bearcats Bound Orientation during the summer before the start of the academic year. At orientation, you will learn about academic policies, college procedures and graduation requirements for your program. You will meet with academic advisors and receive academic advice, learn the web registration process and register for fall semester classes, learn about campus life and student activities.

Welcome Week begins one week prior to the start of classes and includes various events and activities. 

All incoming first year students will also attend College Day, which takes place before or after New Student Convocation. The purpose of College Day is to build community within UC & CAHS.  Students will meet and connect with faculty, advisors, peer leaders & learning community classmates as well as discuss student organizations within each major.  

The College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS) participates in and supports the First Year Experience program, designed to help students immerse themselves and transition into their academic experience at UC. Establishing the basics is a crucial first step toward success and cultivating a strong foundation to learn and grow in various ways and be positioned as future leaders among communities and in the nation.  All CAHS students are enrolled in a first year seminar or course that touches upon college success skills,  finding balance between academic & student life, creating a sense of belonging in the UC community, and making connections with professors and academic advisors. We want to enhance your college experience in and out of the classroom.

First-year students also participate in the Learning Communities program. Learning Communities are a diverse group of students with shared academic interests (for example the same major) interacting in two or more courses. Learning Communities help students obtain reserved seats in high-demand courses; establish close relationships with faculty; explore  areas of academic interest; build life-long friendships with classmates; achieve academic goals; and  experience the feel of a smaller university with the benefits of attending a large university. Typically, students who are enrolled in a learning community, achieve higher grades and have increased exposure to university resources.  Learning Communities are hands-on and infuse community-based projects in the diverse community of Cincinnati. Students enroll in Learning Communities during Bearcats Bound Orientation.

Students complete service hours in the Greater Cincinnati area during spring semester of their first year.  A few community partners our students volunteered with last year are: Arlitt Child Development Center, Good Samaritan Hospital, The Christ Hospital, Forever Fitness, Girl Scouts, Hearing Speech & Deaf Center, Iron Core Adapted Strength & Conditioning, Bearcat Buddies (a partnership with Cincinnati Public Schools) and, Bearcat Academy. 

Each first-year student is assigned to one of the academic advisors in our college. Our academic advisors assist students in planning college core requirements, degree progress and graduation certification needs. Our college requires mandatory advising during the first year, so all first-year students have a block on their registration until they meet with an advisor to go over their schedule. CAHS advisors are available to meet in-person and virtually  and are located on the 3rd floor of the Health Sciences Building in suite 309. 

We understand and know that families play an important role in student success and the University of Cincinnati has many resources and programs for families to stay involved.

Headshot of Carney Sotto PhD

Carney Sotto PhD

Director of First Year Experience, College of Allied Health Sciences

(513) 558-8528