International Experiences

Student in Nicaragua teaching child how to floss teeth by demonstrating on hands

The College of Allied Health prides itself on being a college of helping professions. Helping in the local community just wasn't enough, our service goes global. Students, faculty, staff and even friends of the college participate in six different international experiences throughout the year-- and we keep adding more!


Jamaican Creole Speech Language Project - Jamaica

Students in Communication Sciences and Disorders travel to Kingston, Jamaica each year to work with parents, teachers, and children to conduct speech, language, and hearing screenings in local preschools. Students are able to experience Jamaica's exciting culture while learning conducting hands-on research with a diverse population.

I would definitely recommend this program because students get the opportunity to learn how to conduct diagnostic assessments and work with culturally and linguistically diverse preschoolers and parents- experiences that are invaluable for success in graduate school and clinical placements.

CAHS Student

This study abroad experience is led by Professor Karla Washington, PhD. Contact Karla with any questions about this international experience: washink2@UCMAIL.UC.EDU


Palace Foundation - Mexico

An interprofessional team made of students, alumni, faculty, staff, community members and translators from the College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS) have begun an annual service learning experience to Mexico to work with the Palace Foundation.

This service learning experience allows students to gain hands-on experience in their fields while making a difference in the lives of the citizens of Cancun, Mexico. The team helps hundreds of patients in the local community in locations such as the Center for Exceptional Children, local hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and food production plants. The foundation also provides room, board and transportation for all participants.

The scope of the study abroad opportunity has grown to include students from physical therapy, audiology, nutrition and social work.

If you have questions about the Mexico international service learning experience, please contact either Rose Smith, or Lizanne Mulligan,

For more information on the Palace Foundation, click here to view their website and make sure you like them on Facebook to stay up-to-date with their organization.


Viva Nicaragua 

Two per year

Xan Boone, MSW, professor of social work, leads two study abroad to Nicaragua each year.

March - Spring Break

In 2014, 18 Social Work students traveled to Granada, Nicaragua to do service in the community over spring break. Students work in a retirement home, in schools, and in the community with at-risk teenagers and women.

Samantha Manning - 2 time participant: “Nicaragua was such a beautiful and inspiring place to study abroad.  It’s clean, safe, and its people are incredibly welcoming and full of happiness.  I can’t wait to go back and give of myself to these wonderful people”

Check out the UC School of Social Work - Nicaragua Trip Facebook page for more photos and fun.

May - Interdisciplinary 

In 2015, 27 students from the College of Allied Health Sciences, traveled to Granada. They work in retirement homes, clinics, labs, agencies, and also did home visits in order to help at-risk community members.

I enjoyed the program and I would definitely do it again. I think we had a great team and great team leaders with us. I also enjoyed the program because I gained clinical experience and learned how to do things that I will need to do as a future SLP.

CAHS Student

Please contact Xan Boone, boonexn@UCMAIL.UC.EDU, with any questions about the international experience in Nicaragua.


Copenhagen, Denmark study abroad experience 

Advanced Medical Imaging Technology (AMIT) professional curriculum majors set off to Copenhagen, Denmark where students will be immersed in Danish culture while also engaging in a curriculum that includes both didactic and clinical components set up at the Glostrup University Hospital Functional Imaging Unit.

This experience will enhance participating students' patient care and communication skills, and allow them to grow both on a personal and professional level, by immersing them into a new culture, society, and government-run healthcare system.

"The most rewarding part about studying abroad was being able to be a part of a completely different culture. Seeing how another group of people can behave so much different than us yet learning so much from them was amazing. Being a part of the summer solstice festival over in Denmark was so much fun. I felt like I was a part of a big celebration which made me feel welcome and was so exciting.

Kelsey Wineland, 2015 AMIT graduate:

The Denmark study abroad experience is led by Barry Southers, PhD. Please contact him with any questions about this experience at: southegb@UCMAIL.UC.EDU


International experience in the United Kingdom & Paris

Carol Wheeler Strother, PhD, leads social work students to the the University of Birmingham, London, and Paris where they are able to compare and contrast child welfare, adoption and foster care across different countries, and become a more well-rounded social worker by engaging in different cultures.

This experience has impacted my life and helped me to be culturally sensitive. I was present in the moment and I realized that by getting to know the politics, social services and the population of London, I could became connected with people who were different from me, which caused me to value their culture and beliefs.

CAHS Student

Contact Carol Wheeler Strother with any questions about this study abroad: carol.wheeler-strother@uc.ed