Capstone Experience

UC students, faculty and staff participated in the Undergraduate at (TUC) Tangeman University Center. UC/ Joseph Fuqua II

The first-year experience and mid-collegiate experience help to set you up for success in your last and final step, the capstone experience.

The capstone experience occurs in the senior or last year of your educational journey. Here you will incorporate professional, general education and major/expertise coursework knowledge in a real-world scenarios.

There are several types of capstone experience options for you participate in:

  • Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase.¬†¬†Where you conduct your own research project and present your research poster during our annual celebration of student research.
  • Clinical/Internship placements. You will be able to train in a variety of hospitals, schools and agencies across the tri-state.
  • Service-Learning. Over the course of a year, you will complete service hours with one of our partner organizations.

The first-year, mid-collegiate and capstone experiences combine to help create a well-rounded graduate who is ready to take on their career.

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