CAHS Scholarly Showcase Award Winners

CAHS Scholarly Showcase 2024 Top 10
Poster # Name Title Mentors
A11 Annabell Thomas-Harmon  Exploring Auditory Behaviors in Children with Fragile X Syndrome: A Comprehensive Investigation into Hearing Evaluations and Parental Perspectives Lisa Hunter, Elizabeth Smith
A22 Javana Joyce, Madelynn Long, Emily Koloszar, Joseph Wang, and Izjahana Lewis Trauma-Informed Lens' for Mental Health Professionals when Working with Children Amanda La Guardia
B1 Molly Conway, Ashley Ogelsby Concussion-Friendly Resource for Patients and Families: Concussion Subtypes and Recovery Tips  Krista Beyer
B2 Rachel Roberts Meal Consumption Impact on Isotonic Lingual Endurance Brittany Krekeler
B15 Hallie Foy, Alyssa Centnarowicz, Allison Simpson, Taylor Daignault, Danielle Downs, Sydney Leary Comparing Sense of Belonging of Under-Represented Minority Students to their Peers in an Allied Health College Valerie Miller
B19 Anne Baughman, Micaela Gurka Examining Educational Practitioners' Perspectives on Creating Communication Opportunities for Students with Complex Communication Needs Andrea Ford
C1 Ashley Rose Enhancing Pediatric Oncology & Audiologic Care: Identifying Balance Problems in Patients Undergoing Cisplatin Treatment Violette Lavender
C12 Erin Donahoe, Katelin Moss The Communicative Value of Neurodiversity-Affirming Speech and Language Intervention: A Module for Graduate Students Abigail Foltz Hottle
C13 Pooja Gohil, Brittany Fletcher Transforming Voices: Exploring Access, Barriers, and Outcomes of Affirming Voice Therapy for Transgender and Gender-Diverse Individuals Victoria McKenna
C16 Anna Beglin, Natalie Meredith Cultural and Linguistic Standardized Assessment Accommodations for SLPs Amy Hobek