CAHS Scholarly Showcase Award Winners

2023 CAHS Scholarly Showcase Poster Winners
Poster Title  Researcher(s) Advisor(s)  Department                             Program
Evaluating Mental Health and Associated Intervention(s) Among Occupational Therapy Graduate Students Maya Eller, Emily Harnen, Morgan King, Emma Schmitt  Victoria McQuiddy, P.h.D Rehabilitation, Exercise & Nutrition Sciences Occupational Therapy 
Acoustic and Laryngoscopic Investigation into Laryngeal Tension in Patients with Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis Haley Doerr, B.S., Sophie Mazloum, B.S.  Victoria McKenna, Ph.D. Communication Sciences & Disorders Speech-Language Pathology
Barriers to Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Adults Anna Giordullo, Ellen Knott, Laura McLaughlin, & Ciara Merriweather Shauna Acquavita, Ph.D.  Social Work  Social Work 
Delivery of the Healthy GOALS Intervention Program Evaluation Michelle Dixon B.S., & Olivia  Kramer,   Valerie Hill, Ph.D.   Rehabilitation, Exercise, & Nutrition Sciences Occupational Therapy
Hearing Loss and High Blood Pressure: A Correlational Sample Population Study Clarissa Ortiz Villabona, B.S.  Brian R. Earl, Ph.D. Communication Sciences & Disorders Audiology
Volunteers' Experiences of Occupational-Performance Coaching to Promote Social Inclusion for Children with Disabilities in Faith-based Settings  Kiersten Owens S/OT, Lindsay Thornton S/OT, Samuel Kaiser S/OT, Valerie Miller Ph.D. Rehabilitation, Exercise, & Nutrition Sciences Occupational Therapy 
The Impact of a Nutrition Education Program on Ultra-Processed Food Consumption Among Adults at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Lauren Gonzales, RD, LD  Sarah Couch, Ph.D. Rehabilitation, Exercise, & Nutrition Sciences Nutrition Sciences 
Load Monitoring and Injury Risk in American Football' Ryan Piper, Antoni Matabosch  Lindsey Biggs, Ph.D  Rehabilitation, Exercise, & Nutrition Sciences Athletic Training 
The Impact of Infertility on Roles, Relationships, and Occupations and The Presence of Existing Supports Suprina Adhikari, S/OT, Landyn Deckert, s/OT, Sarah Gentry, S/OT, & Molly Heiser, S/OT Carrie Solomon, M.S. Rehabilitation, Exercise, & Nutrition Sciences Occupational Therapy 
What Is the Low-Frequency Range (Hz) of Hearing in the African Elephant (Loxodonta africana)? Elizabeth Urban Peter M. Scheifele Ph.D. Communication Sciences & Disorders Audiology
2023 CAHS Scholarly Showcase Presentation Winner  
Title  Presenter  Advisors Department  Program 
Survey of Physical Therapists’ Views and Referral Processes on Objective Vestibular Testing Rachael Mahr, B.A., Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) Student/Extern Katherine Russell, Au.D., CCC/A & Julie Honaker, Ph.D., CCC/A Communication Sciences & Disorders Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.)