CAHS Scholarly Showcase 2024

This is the program for the 2024 CAHS Scholarly Showcase 

Schedule of Events

Location: Health Sciences Building | University of Cincinnati 

Date: Wednesday, April 17th 

The agenda for the CAHS Scholarly Showcase is as follows: 

  • 11:30 AM: Check-in, Lunch 
  • 12:00 PM-12:15 PM: Opening Remarks
  • 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM Session A Posters and Presentations | Atrium
  • 1:15 PM-2:15 PM: Distinguished Lectureship | G01
  • 2:15 PM- 3:15 PM: Session B Posters and Presentations | Atrium
  • 3:15 PM 3:30 PM:  Break
  • 3:30 PM-4:30 PM: Session C Posters and Presentations | Atrium


Several faculty-led teams have signed up to offer engaging activities (exhibitions) for conference attendees to learn knowledge beyond the classroom. These exhibitions will be displayed in Room G50 and G20 in the Health Sciences Building. The following exhibitions will be available for at least a portion of the Showcase Event: 

  • Ultrasound biofeedback for R production in speech therapy demo 
  • MRI equipment
  • Food waste and sustainability
  • Microscopes with slides of cells
  • Graphic-style stories can be used to promote participation in research studies, encourage lifestyle changes, and increase awareness of chronic diseases.
  • Virtual reality to improve client participation in daily activities

Poster Evaluation

We encourage you to evaulatue research posters to help decide on our top 10 posters of the 2024 Showcase. QR codes will be placed above each poster, scan the QR code to complete the quick survey. 

Poster Session A
Poster #  Poster Title  Presenters Program
A1  The Role of PET/CT in the Staging and Treatment of Hodgkin's Lymphoma Tracy Nguyen Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
A2 What is the best imaging modality for  diagnosing osteomyelitis? Michael Yeboah Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
A3 The Theranostic Efficacies of I-131 in Hyperthyroid Patients in Nuclear Medicine Corinne Listermann Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
A4 Bile duct cancer Lina Gebremicheal Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
A5 The Role of FDG in Breast Cancer using PET/CT   Lily Machester Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
A6 Hyperkinetic Gallbladder Abigail Vose Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
A7 Use of MRI and PET Imaging for Alzheimer's Disease  Allison Snyder Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
A8 The Role of Nuclear Medicine in Prostate Cancer   Eason Huang Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
A9 The Usage of Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Medicine Bryce Brookover Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
A10 Traumatic Brain Injuries and the Pivotal Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Understanding Brain Morphology and Abnormalities Trae Bellamy Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
A11 Exploring Auditory Behaviors in Children with Fragile X Syndrome: A Comprehensive Investigation into Hearing Evaluations and Parental Perspectives  Annabell Thomas-Harmon Audiology 
A12 Impact of Early Intervention and Hearing Status on Language Outcomes in Preterm Children Kat Johnson Audiology
A13 Ototoxicity Monitoring of Pediatric Carboplatin Recipients: Investigating Risk Factors and Current Trends Alexandra Mabley Burns  Audiology
A14 Moisture Mitigation: Revitalizing Hearing Aid Donations for Long-Lasting Impact  Jessie Saylor, Mohammed Aleid Audiology
A15 What is the most evidence-based test battery that is effective for evaluating cognition, pragmatics, speech, language, and job readiness for adults with intellectual disabilities?  Camille Vainrib, Olivia Wilmer, Erin Klumb, Alex Fieler Communication Sciences & Disorders
A16 Outdoor Exercise in Relation to Depression, Anxiety, Stress, and Quality of Life in College Students  Courtney Hopkins,  Health Sciences
A17 Effects of Elevate IgM on Peripheral Blood and Overall Clinical Health Sydney Cusac, Lillie Garee, Jacob Loar, Sarah Klear, Helean Shelton Medical Laboratory Sciences
A18 Hyperleukocytosis Effect on Hematology Testing for a Patient with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Paul Polta, Robert Fermon, Alice Amaniampong, Geoffrey Stoddard  Medical Laboratory Sciences
A19 The Association between Ultra-processed Foods and Cognitive Decline Aditi Tarkar Nutrition Sciences
A20 Are Social Participation Activities Impaired by Those Who Experience Cancer-Related Fatigue Sarah Craft, Morgan Steinke, Brooke McCalla, Amanda Pearson, Anne Reed, Eli Steele Occupational Therapy
A22 Trauma-Informed Lens' for Mental Health Professionals when Working with Children Madelynn Long, Javana Joyce, Joseph Wang, Emily Koloszar, Izjahana Lewis,  Social Work (MSW)
A23 Emotional Freedom Technique  Jazmine Herbert, Rebecca Moore, Grace Lanzotti, Zoe Stallings, Jenna Miller Social Work (MSW)

Title: UC, Cincinnati Children’s and Kroger for the SuperWIN: a collaboration leading to healthier lives

Sarah Couch  and Steve Wheeler.  CACH

Sarah Couch

Presenter: Sarah Couch, PhD

Sarah Couch, PhD, RD, is a Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (RENS) in the College of Allied Health Sciences at UC.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from Bowdoin College in Brunswick ME and her MS and PhD from the University of Connecticut, in Storrs CT and completed her dietetic internship at Hartford Hospital. She has served as Undergraduate Program Director for the Dietetics Program and currently serves as Graduate Program Director for the MS in Nutritional Science in RENS.  Dr. Couch teaches classes in the area of medical nutrition therapy for the prevention and treatment of diseases across the lifespan.  She has conducted human subject research for over 25 years, specifically examining dietary assessment approaches and dietary patterns related to cardiovascular disease risk reduction and has authored over 95 peer reviewed publications. She is a previous recipient of a grant award from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to examine efficacy of a DASH dietary pattern delivered as part of a clinic-based behavioral nutrition program for the management of elevated blood pressure in children and adolescents.  Her studies have also involved assessment of the home food environment as a potential modifiable risk factor related to obesity and CVD risk in childhood.  She served as an expert panelist in hypertension at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics State of Food and Nutrition Series Forum and served on the board of editors for the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  In 2019, Dr. Couch was recognized as the Ohio Outstanding Dietetic Educator of the Year. 

headshot of Suzanne

Suzanne Summers

Presenter: Suzanne Summer, PhD

Suzanne Summer, PhD, RD, is a Research Associate in the Schubert Research Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in dietetics from the University of Cincinnati in 2001, completed a research-focused dietetic internship at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda Maryland in 2002, and later earned a PhD in Epidemiology from UC in 2020. That same year Dr Summer was awarded the UC College of Rehabilitation, Exercise, and Nutrition Sciences distinguished alumnus award.  She has served on the board of the Greater Cincinnati Dietetics Association (GCDA) since 2015 and is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Research Dietetic Practice Group and the American Society for Nutrition.  Dr Summer currently oversees the research clinic’s Bionutrition core where she and her team apply evidence-based methods for collecting dietary intake, anthropometric measurements, resting energy expenditure, and body composition assessment for a variety of research studies. As both a dietitian and a researcher, Dr Summer understands the importance of evidence-based diet and lifestyle recommendations as well as the potential for new knowledge that may contribute to our nation’s public health. 

Poster Session B
Poster #  Poster Title  Presenters Program
B1  Concussion-Friendly Resource for Patients and Families: Concussion Subtypes and Recovery Tips Molly Conway  Speech-Language Pathology
B2 Meal Consumption Impact on Isotonic Lingual Endurance Rachel Roberts  Speech-Language Pathology
B3 The Use of MRI and fMRI to Diagnose Anxiety and Depression Hailey Webb Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
B4 Using Theranostic Agents to Advance Treatment of Neuroblastomas Alec Davidson Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
B5 Aging Effects on the Auditory Neural Responses at the Pre-Attentive and Attentive Stages Annie Dean, Loreen Al-Alkasheh, Taylor McCreary Audiology
B6 Effects of music training on the auditory function in cochlear implant users Karlee Seybold Audiology
B7 DVA vs vHIT: Are Both Needed in Pediatric Vestibular Assessment? Lydia Reece Audiology
B8  The Efficacy of an Autism Screening in Pediatric Audiology  Courtney Leighton Audiology
B9 Comparison of ABR Threshold Values in a Gerbil Model of Normal Hearing: Octave Band Chirp vs. Toneburst Abby Boesl Audiology
B10 Longitudinal Pediatric Amplification Simulation  Morgan Beaschler Audiology
B11 Investigating Clinical Masking Differences Molly Berns  Audiology 
B12 Relationship between intelligibility, naturalness, and listening effort of source-separated speech Behdad Dousti, Richard Goldhor, Sarah Dugan, Joel MacAuslan, Suzanne Boyce  Communication Sciences & Disorders
B13 A Clinical Challenge: A Case Study on Thrombocytosis with Leukocytosis Garrett Von Hoene, Raquel Obregon, Tia VIncent Medical Laboratory Sciences
B14 "Outcomes and Caregiver Experiences after a Multidisciplinary Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) Clinic for Pediatric Diagnosis" Anna Cristo, Kylie Shetler, Sierra Jones, Alyssa Moore Occupational Therapy
B15 Comparing Sense of Belonging of Under-Represented Minority Students to their Peers in an Allied Health College Alyssa Centnarowicz, Allison Simpson, Hallie Foy, Sydney Leary, Danielle Downs, Taylor Daignault Occupational Therapy
B16 Evaluating the Gap in Knowledge of Parental Involvement in Better Treatment Outcomes for Severe Pediatric Behavioral Disorders Raechel Cooley, Andrew Franks, Josalyn Foster, Danielle Seymore,  Social Work (MSW)
B17 Promoting Infant and Toddler Language Learning: A Resource for Caregiver's Everyday Strategies Drew Snow, Taryn Booker, Gracie Humphrey,  Speech-Language Pathology
B18 Functional Activities for Executive Functioning and Problem Solving Carly Stickler Speech-Language Pathology
B19 Examining Educational Practitioners' Perspectives on Creating Communication Opportunities for Students with Complex Communication Needs   Micaela Gurka, Anne Baughman,  Speech-Language Pathology
B20 The Use of Intraoperative MRI in Neurosurgery Regan Duff Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
B21 700 Hz Anomaly Affecting Cownose Rays at Newport Aquarium Shelby Ackerman Audiology
B22 Can citizen science be used to capture reliable animal vocalizations? A preliminary study in canines (Canis lupus familiaris) Amanda Moore  Audiology
B23 Fostering Effective Communication: Advancing Interaction Between Working Dogs and Handlers with Bone Conduction Prototype Collars Michael Berick Audiology
B24 The use of multimodal imaging in diagnosis of Lewy body dementia Asseta Sall Advanced Medical Imaging Technology 
Poster Session C
Poster #  Poster Title  Presenters Program
C1  Enhancing Pediatric Oncology & Audiologic Care: Identifying Balance Problems in Patients Undergoing Cisplatin Treatment   Ashley Rose Audiology
C2 Exploring Essential Components of Communication Interventions for Autistic Preschoolers with an Expert Panel Virginia Sabers, Emma Pozzuto Communication Sciences & Disorders
C3 Diagnosing Malaria: A Laboratory Case Study Alaina Berger, NIcholas Shappelle, Gabriel Ruggiero, Victoria Scholl, Shane Warren,  Medical Laboratory Sciences
C4 Creating Graphic Style Stories for Breast Cancer Survivors to Promote Healthy Eating Hannah Botzman, Seung-Yeon Lee, Melinda Butsch Kovacic, Susan Gertz Nutrition Sciences
C5 A Comparison of Caregiver and Child Satisfaction of Thumb Orthoses vs. Kinesiology Tape in Improving Functional Performance in Children with Cerebral Palsy  Renee Niederhausen, Catherine Ridenour, Kristina Granata, Margaret Zappia,  Occupational Therapy
C6 The Impact Roles have on Young Adults and the Potential Factor of Gender Identity.  Beth Schweinberg, Lauren Durstock, KAsey Buchanan, Hailey Portmann Occupational Therapy
C7 Virtual Reality as an Intervention to Promote Participation in Daily Living Skills in Children with Autism Cecilia Feldman, Sydni Schramm, Paige Rieman, Hannah Bundy, Anne Marie Sherlock, Sadie Garner Occupational Therapy
C8 Interdisciplinary Trauma-Informed Care Training for Staff in Alternative School Settings Kiarra Marks, Jadean Frost, Natasha Nutter, Kandace Mossing, Sophia Gugino Social Work (MSW)
C9 Suicidality and suicide prevention in adolescents Tara Wade, Alexandra Herrmann, Ellie Montenegro, Addie Owens, Maddy McKinney,  Social Work (MSW)
C10 Bear-CAT Scholars: Evaluation and Application of Suicide Screening Tools. Madeline Calhoun, Emilee Marsh, Syd Steck, Mary Stepanek Social Work (MSW)
C11 What are Demographic Reporting Practices and Methodologies in Speech-Gender Perception? Lauren Schmelzer, Collin Brice  Speech-Language Pathology
C12 The Communicative Value of Neurodiversity-Affirming Speech and Language Intervention: A Module for Graduate Students  Erin Donahoe, Katelin Moss Speech-Language Pathology
C13 Transforming Voices: Exploring Access, Barriers, and Outcomes of Affirming Voice Therapy for Transgender and Gender-Diverse Individuals Brittany Fletcher, Pooja Gohil Speech-Language Pathology
C14 Social and Emotional Barriers to Dining Out with Dysphagia Lauren Akers, Rachel Booth, Courtney Boss, Anna Birkemeier Speech-Language Pathology
C15 Accessibility in Preschool Classrooms Emma Yockey, Madelyn Howard Speech-Language Pathology
C16 Cultural and Linguistic Standardized Assessment Accommodations for SLPs Natalie Meredith, Anna Beglin Speech-Language Pathology
C17 The Roles and Responsibilities of the Speech-Language Pathologist in Burn Patient Care Erica Jenks  Speech-Language Pathology
C18 The Relationship Between Lingual Pressure and Swallowing Efficiency in Post-Radiation Head and Neck Cancer Patients  Natalie Schilling, Melissa Anderson,  Speech-Language Pathology
C19 The Effects of Home Environment on the Language Development of Toddlers Born Prematurely  Allison Broderick, Juanita Lackey Speech-Language Pathology
C20 Promoting Autistic Preschoolers' Communication: What, When, and How According to the Literature Hailey Spencer Speech-Language Pathology
C21 Analyzing the Syntactic Growth of Deaf or Hard of Hearing Children Participating in Communication Intervention Mackenzie Quirk, Emily O'Connor, Lindsey King Speech-Language Pathology
C22 Aphasia-Friendly Menu Adaptation Jenna Toelke, Jess Stross Speech-Language Pathology
Headshot of Fawen Zhang

Fawen Zhang

CAHS Scholarly Showcase Chair