Meet Aaron Zani

headshot of Aaron

Aaron has been at the University of Cincinnati now for over a dozen years in some capacity, either as a student or as an advisor. During this time he got to see the university change a lot, but he also got to know the ins and outs of the university and what resources are available to students. His first job here at UC was as a Student Orientation Leader, welcoming incoming 1st year students to the university, during which he had extensive training on a lot of areas at the university, and the training has continued on through my years of being an Academic Advisor.

Aaron's Advising Philosophy 

Aaron wants to provide his students with accurate and as much information as possible so they can come to a decision on what is the best path forward for them. He will support and encourage his students in whatever decision they make so they can excel academically in the present and future.

Get to know Aaron 

What’s a skill that you wish you had?

A skill Aaron wishes he had is a photographic memory. Or even just a better memory than he has! He struggles with easily remembering the things he wants to remember, but has a pretty easy time remembering things that aren’t important to him like what all the directions were to a board game he played 10 years ago.

What’s your favorite chore?

Aaron’s favorite chore to do is laundry. He loves that it provides him with the ability to do whatever else he wants while doing it. His favorite thing to do is to throw on a movie and do laundry because he will have 40 mins of uninterrupted movie time and then he will be able to pause it, swap around laundry, then fold the dry laundry while continuing to watch the movie.

Are you a morning person or night owl?

Aaron says he is both a morning person and a night owl. He stays up pretty late, past 11pm most nights, and wakes up at 6:30am most mornings. He loves his naps though. Whenever he gets home from work he usually plops down on the couch and takes a 30 min nap to recharge.