Student Research Projects

Here are just a few examples of research projects our students have conducted.

Measuring How the Brain Responds to External Motivation During Physical Activity Using Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS)

Rose Porter, Health Sciences (Exercise and Movement Sciences)
Hannah Kowalski, Health Sciences (Exercise and Movement Sciences)
Project Advisor: Dr. Dan Carl

Improving Vocal Health in Mask-Wearing Community Workers

Kelly Carraro, Speech Language Hearing Science
Lauren Humpert, Speech Language Hearing Science
Project Advisor: Dr. Victoria McKenna

An Inquiry into the Factors that Influence Disparities in the Juvenile Justice System and their Effects on Disproportionate Minority Contact

Kyesha Dotson, Social Work
Project Advisor: Dr. Anjanette Wells

Want to see more research?

Our undergraduate students participate in the Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase and CAHS Scholarly Showcase throughout the school year. Visit those webpages for additional examples of UC student research.