PRaISE 2021

Welcome to the digital program for the 2021 Presentation of Research and Innovative Scholarly Endeavors (PRaISE) conference. Check back frequently for more details.  


April 13th, 2021 from 9 - 5 PM. 

A PRaISE kick-off celebration is being hosted on April 12th to honor our 2021 Distinguished Alumni. 


PRaISE 2021 will be hosted virtually using an interactive video platform called Gather.Town. To join the event, all you will need is the Gather.Town PRaISE event link

Check out our instruction guide (PDF) for additional details about how to use Gather.Town. 

Schedule of Events

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All Platform Presentations will be presented in Gather.Town. Everyone can join the presentations in the podium room directly in the Gather.Town Event Space. 

Platform Presentations
# Dept Author(s) Title Advisor(s)
1 CHIS Jiahe Wang  Global Impact of COVID-19 on Nuclear Medicine and the Service Provided during and after COVID-19 Barry Southers
2 SSW Kara Baumhardt, Paige Cromer, Nneka Bonner, Alyssa Patel, Savannah Logan PRI-Care Photovoice Dana Harley

All Poster Presentations will be presented directly in the Gather.Town Event Space.

Poster Presentations
Number Department Author(s) Title Advisor(s)
1 CHIS Chloe Caplinger Diagnosing Traumatic Brain Injuries with Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Position Emission Tomography Alan Vespie
2 CHIS Megan Ruffing Medical Imaging Used in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vesicoureteral Reflux in Pediatrics Alan Vespie
3 CHIS Jennifer Stiens Alzheimer's Disease, PET imaging and the Importance of early diagnosis  Alan Vespie
4 CHIS Emily Lipps Diagnosis and Progression of Prostate Cancer Through Medical Imaging Alan Vespie & Barry Southers
5 CHIS Claire Belcik Neuroimaging in the Pre-surgical Evaluation of Treatment Refractory Epilepsy  Barry Southers
6 CHIS Lindsey Schweppe Medical Imaging and it's Relation to Breast Cancer Treatment  Barry Southers
7 CHIS Elizabeth Verquer Cardiotoxicity of Chemotherapy and The Role of Medical Imaging  Barry Southers
8 CHIS Erin McNamara The Role of Medical Imaging in Diagnosing Disorders of the Female Reproductive System Barry Southers
9 CHIS Ian Zimmerman Using Neuroimaging to Study Structural Changes in the Brain Due to Drug Use Barry Southers
10 CHIS Angel Nguyen The Use of Medical Imaging in Spotting Depression Barry Southers
11 CHIS Ben Neece The Role of Medical Imaging in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Parkinson's Disease Barry Southers
12 CHIS Madison Timmerman The Use of F-18 Fluoroestradiol for PET Breast Cancer Imaging Barry Southers
13 CHIS Kayla Coleman The Past Trauma and Physical Effects on the Function of the Human Brain  Barry Southers
14 CHIS Megan Haller, Kaila Apple, Lindsay Brennan, Claire Farrell Hurler's Syndrome Clinical Presentation: A Case Study Adrienne Davis Zapfe
15 CHIS Emily Witte, Beverly Reed, Carly Sumner Transfusion Support Before, During, and After ABO Mismatched Allogenic Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplantation Elizabeth Hertenstein
16 CHIS Jace Ottley, Lindsey Marquez, Libbey Ryland, Jordan Simms Elevated cardiac troponin as a prognostic biomarker in patients with COVID-19  Elizabeth Warning
17 CHIS Kali Duke The Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiac Amyloidosis Barry Southers
18 CHIS Roshika Bhattarai,  Lyndsey Degar COVID-19: Immunothrombosis and Prognosis Erin Rumpke

19 CSD Caitlin Heaton Hearing threshold of South African Cheetahs  Pete Scheifele
20 CSD Chelsea McCurry Bioacoustics of Grunts (Haemulon Sciurus) Pete Scheifele
21 CSD  Sara Stone  Bioacoustics of Cownose Rays  Pete Scheifele
22 CSD Mariah Neff, Katie Spencer A Comparison of Sound Levels in the front of the NICU compared to the back of the NICU Pete Scheifele
23 CSD Paige Wulliger  Hearing Assessments of Two Pacific Walrus (Obedimus rosmarus) by Electrophysiologic Means 
Pete Scheifele
24 RENS Adrienne Steele,  Allison Furst, Christine McCall, Jamie Angel  Lived Experiences of Return to Work for Stroke Survivors in Greater Cincinnati  Karen Craven
25 RENS Laura Springman, Rose Jenkins The Effects of Antioxidant Supplementation on Epileptic Seizures Abigail Peairs
26 RENS Shannon Trinh, Sadie Meyer Vitamin K Supplementation on Bone Mineral Density and Fracture Risk in Osteoporosis Abigail Peairs
27 RENS David Schlecty, Caroline Morton The Effects of Magnesium Supplementation on Muscle Recovery in Athletes    Abigail Peairs
28 RENS Paige Broughton, Christopher Lloyd, Emily Zawadzki, Erin Wagner, Exploring the Benefits of an 8 Week Mindfulness Skills Course After Stroke: A Pilot Study Kari Dunning

RENS Sarah Doren, Jenna Calvelage Identifying the Neural Signature of Motivation for Exercise Pierce Boyne
30 RENS Amminderpa Singh, Ryan Webb, Jenna Lustenburg, Jade Larkins, Abigail Johston, Sydney Smith, Pujan Patel, Tristen Behling, Morgan King, Trusha Patel, Sophia Hamilton, Danielle Goodman, Ethan Eiselt,  Lauren Buse, Sydney Hess, Laurel Lammrish Assessing the Accuracy of Different Fitness Trackers During Various Physical Activities  Susan Kotowski
31 SSW Caitlyn McCandless, Michaela Sandige Treatment of Anxiety in Adolescents Shauna Acquavita
32 SSW Abigail Williams  Navigating Changing Policies During a Pandemic: An Examination of Policy Algorithms to Stop the Spread of COVID-19  Michelle Renee Chyatte
33 SSW Emmalee Windle Building an Human Resources and Operational Center during the COVID-19 Pandemic Michelle Renee Chyatte
34 SSW Elizabeth Bremenkamp, Lydia Egan Client Retention at CAT House Shauna Acquavita
35 CHIS Wejdan Alhakami, Savannah Sanders, Xinru Yan Clinical Diagnosis and Management of Fanconi Anemia in Children Adrienne Davis

The 2021 CAHS Distinguished Lectureship presentation, Caring Together: Responding to the Opioid Epidemic through Interprofessional, Family-Centered Early Intervention Services, is highlighting the work of CAHS’ PEPOpE Team. The event will take place virtually on Tuesday, April 13th from 11:30am-12:30pm on Distinguished Lectureship WebEx (passcode: research). 

All Platform Presentations will be presented in Gather.Town. Everyone can join the presentations in the podium room directly in the Gather.Town Event Space. 

Platform Presentations
Number Department Author(s) Title Advisor(s)
3 SSW Emmalee Windle, Susan Autran, 
Abigail Williams, Andi Macdonald, Brianna Braun
Accelerated Infrastructure Response to COVID-19: An quality improvement evaluation of the UC COVID Check Response Team Michelle Renee Chyatte
4 CSD Alisha McDaniel The Audiologist's Role in the Cystic Fibrosis Multidisciplinary Care Team Katherine Russell

All Poster Presentations will be presented directly in the Gather.Town Event Space.

Poster Presentations
Number Department Author(s) Title Advisor(s)
36 CSD Caroline Miller The Effectiveness of Auditory Training through Tele-Audiology Services During COVID-19: A Case Report Gloria Valencia
37 CSD Lindsey Kovacs Documenting Interprofessional Education (IPE) with the Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPCP) Student Curriculum Reflection Worksheet Katherine Russell
38 RENS Amanda Holland, Courtney Koch, Brianne Dexter  Exploring the Educational Needs of Caregivers of Young Children with Developmental Disabilities Karen Harpster
39 RENS Yue Zhang,  Miranda Dickerson,  Claira Hemrick, Megan York  Virtual Photovoice: Exploring the Lived Experiences of Stroke Survivors  Vicki McQuiddy
40 RENS Whitney Okafor, Maggie Mason, Hannah Gifford,  Mackenzie Campbell The Feasibility of Implementing a Mind-Body Skills Program for Masters of Occupational Therapy Student Valerie Hill
41 RENS Hanna Thomsen, Rebecca Crowther The Role of Vitamin C in the Treatment of Sepsis Abigail Peairs
42 RENS Rebekah Wilson,Anthony Miller, Paul Duesler, 
Erin Wagner 
Exploring stress in 1st year PT students and the feasibility of a mindfulness-based app for stress management  Kari Dunning
43 RENS Kaitlyn Bigner,  Katie Preston Identifying the Neural Signature of Motivation for Exercise Pierce Boyne
44 RENS Abigail Schwarz,  Brittany Cartwright,  Brooke Thompson Understanding the Experiences of Faith-Based Volunteers Serving Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) in their Faith Settings Valerie Miller
45 RENS Venancio Quiambao  Anorexia and Zinc Status Abigail Peairs
46 SSW Tyra Singer, Jamille Collins Lunch and Learn Shauna Acquavita
47 SSW Kirsten Allen,  Sydney Zeuch Coping Skils Box  Shauna Acquavita
48 SSW Alexander Larger,  Ifeyinwa Mazeli The Effects of Implementing A Sex Education Curriculum Into An Urban, Residential Substance Use Treatment Program Shauna Acquavita
49 SSW Colleen Gerding, Sarah Robinson Covid-19 Impact on Access to Essential Services   Michael Brubaker
50 RENS Stephanie Szovati, Laura Jennrich  Vitamins C and E and athletic performance Abigail Peairs
51 RENS Tabetha Ratliff, Catharine Whitacre The Effectiveness of Vitamin D Supplementation in the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Abigail Peairs
52 RENS Lauren Enderle, Kayla Young, Liz Niehaus The Effectiveness of Interventions to Improve Independence in Employment for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities   Diane Clouse
53 RENS Sara Adams, Josie Adams Vitamin D supplementation and preeclampsia Abigail Peairs
54 SSW Jade Tingelhoff, Brenna Mahoney, Emily Neubauer, Jessica Fix Integrating Dog Therapy in Schools for Students with Anxiety Shauna Acquavita
55 SSW Cierra Moran Primary Care upon release for the Incarcerated Shauna Acquavita

All Platform Presentations will be presented in Gather.Town. Everyone can join the presentations in the podium room directly in the Gather.Town Event Space. 

Platform Presentations
Number Department Author(s) Title Advisor(s)
5 CSD Ellie Muse Alone Together: Using Technology to Combat Loneliness in Nursing Homes During a Global Pandemic Aimee Dietz
6 CSD Adrianna Borst, Amanda Dell-Aira, Nicole Senkiw, Carly Nunn "I'm not like your other patients": A young stroke survivor's perspective on the rehabilitation process Aimee  Dietz
7 CSD Taylor Jones, Marissa Yanke Comparison of a Newly Designed Acoustic Workflow vs. Documented Clinical Outcomes of Parkinson's Patients Carrie Rountrey

All Poster Presentations will be presented directly in the Gather.Town Event Space.

Poster Presentations
Number Department Author(s) Title Advisor(s)
56 CSD Brendan Gausvik Noise Monitoring in Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins Pete Scheifele
57 CSD Zachary Siegfried Hearing protection for military and working dogs Pete Scheifele
58 CSD Hannah Wilson High Frequency Hearing Acuity in African Elephants (Loxodonta Africanis) Pete Scheifele
59 CSD Kristen Dalrymple The Effects of Music Experience on Hearing Ability in Young Adults Fawen Zhang
60 CSD Megan Sharo, Gwen Sheehy MRI Noise Levels to Determine Threshold Changes after Canine MRI Tests Pete Scheifele
61 CSD Lianna Duchardt Cochlear implantation surgery effects on hearing Pete Scheifele
62 RENS Marissa Ingram, Sabella Smith, 
Madison Vines, Hannah Osterfeld
Evaluating the Long-Term Effectiveness of an Intensive Occupational  Therapy Sensory Integration (OT-SI) Program for Children with  Challenges in Sensory Processing and Integration Victoria McQuiddy
63 RENS Alexandra Klumb,  Chelsea Feist,  Savannah Carroll, Carynne Feasibility of Virtual Reality as a Self-Care Intervention for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder Victoria McQuiddy
64 RENS Lindsey Smith Psychosocial and physical factors associated with appetite of children during hospitalization Sarah Couch
65 RENS Allison Bokenkotter, Rachel Morgan The effects of vitamin D supplementation on patients with IBD. Abigail Peairs
66 RENS Samantha Krutka The Relationship Between Vitamin D and Postpartum Depression  Abigail Peairs
67 SSW Justin Cova,  Kaycia Spenser Job Satisfaction and Staff Retention Shauna Acquavita
68 SSW Susan Autran The Betterment and Progression of an Epidemiological-Based Contact Tracing Program: Curriculum Evaluation for UC COVID Check Response Team's Curriculum  Michelle Chyatte
69 SSW Claire Rowe Differences in Suicidal Ideation Across Three Cohorts of Veterans in Residential PTSD Treatment James Pease
70 SSW Eleanor Raker, Danielle Lott Evaluating Integrated Healthcare Providers' Confidence Ratings Following Delivery of Telehealth Competencies Handbook Shauna Acquavita
71 SSW Sarah Henkes,  Isabel Renner The Importance of Understanding Health Disparities in Integrated Care Shauna Acquavita
72 SSW Andrea MacDonald, Coco Pettiford Developing and Executing a Logistics Plan During a Pandemic: Creating a Partnership to Move Students into and out of Quarantine and Isolation  Michelle Chyatte
73 CSD Sydney Heil Elephant Leg Localization of Seismic Information Pete Scheifele
74 SSW Elizabeth Holden Transitional-Aged Youth Group Shauna Acquavita
75 CSD Jessica Talarczyk; Karrigan Dillman; Skylyn Wright; Chase Grafflin; Developing a Testing Protocol for Assessing Cognitive, Peripheral and Auditory Processing Skills of Individuals Ages 18-85 with Hearing Sensitivity Ranging from Normal to Moderate Hearing Loss Gloria E Valencia, Brian Earl
76 SSW Maryanna Sperduto, Abigail Bossman Measuring the Impact of Mindfulness with Children and Teens Shauna Acquavita
77 SSW MacKenzie Hogan, Hannah Niehas, Kylie Werling A Detailed Look Into Avondale's Food Availability Shauna Acquavita
78 SSW Megan Vonada, Rachel Makoski, Hannah Kimble Effectiveness of Telehealth on Mental Health Services   Shauna Acquavita

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