Session A Posters

Title: Assessing Cognitive Function in Normal Hearing Listeners Using BrainCheck Online Tests
Presenter: Madeline Skeeters 
Advisor: Fawen Zhang 

Title: Development of Questionnaire for the University of Cincinnati's FETCHLAB 
Presenter: Rachel Freyberg
Advisor: Pete Schiefele 

Title: Estimated threshold shifts in military working canines using a baseline protocol after helicopter flight exposure
Presenter: Devan Marshall
Advisor: Pete Schiefele 

Title: Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Devices: Do They Work? Are They Safe? Are They Enough?
Presenter: Kennedy Schmenk
Advisor: Brian Earl

Title: Noise Questionnaire for Working Canines
Presenter: Zoe Heimbrock 
Advisor: Pete Schiefele

Title: The Physical and Psychological Effects of Impulse Noise Exposure from an Urban Firing Range
Presenter: Brice Coolidge
Advisor: Brian Earl

Title: Pediatric Dysphagia Parent Resource Packet
Presenters: Allyson Smith, Katy Moses & Rachel Yockey
Advisor: Amanda Simmons

Title: Trauma-informed speech and language therapy in the school setting
Presenters: Megan Sobotka, Jirah Llerena
Advisor: Michelle Leon 

Title: Optimizing Stroke Education for Patients and Caregivers
Presenters: Marlaina Ondrus & Christine Canning
Advisor: Amanda Simmons 

Title: Review of Prophylactic Swallowing Treatments on Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Presenters: Shannon Rives, Jessica Brenneman, Ronja Hildebrand & Marrieth Sithe
Advisor: Amanda Simmons

Title: What is ASD and What Do I Look For?
Presenters: Jalynn Johnson, Taylor Liette & Brianna Creech
Advisor: Michelle Leon

Title: Use of Pharyngeal High-Resolution Manometry (pHRM) in Dysphagia Treatment
Presenters: Samantha Wesley & Jacqueline Meriwether
Advisor: Victoria McKenna

Title: Expanding the Tele-audiology Model: an Interdisciplinary Team Approach
Presenter: Josephine Fernandez
Advisor: Brian Earl

Title: Establishing a clinical measure for grip strength endurance: A pilot study
Presenters: Katie Oh, Danielle Morgan & Kierra Miller
Advisor: Valerie Hill

Title:Virtual Reality and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Presenters: Kelly Schmitz, Emily Reed & Marissa King 
Advisor: Victoria McQuiddy

Title:Virtual Reality and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Presenters: Eden Hearons, Kennedy Quinlan, Nicole Brant & Morgan Weber
Advisor: Jamie Basch

Title: The Use of Photovoice to Explore the Lived Experiences of Female, Stroke Survivors Under 50 Years Old
Presenters: Natalie Kondritz, Kayla Cox, Karissa Liles & Alexis Barry 
Advisor: Valerie  Hill

Title: Does oral contraceptive use have a relationship with iron levels within the body?
Presenters: Cora Reinhart & Kendall Hehn
Advisor: Abigail Peairs

Title: The Effects of Vitamin D on Clinical Outcomes in IBD Patients
Presenters: Emily Miller & Lauren Gonzales
Advisor: Abigail Peairs

Title: Identification of potential effective coping skills and techniques for clients with Post-Covid stress disorder symptoms and substance abuse history 
Presenters: Mindy Bediako, Haley Muth & Angel Cook 
Advisor: Michael Brubaker

Title: Culturally Informed Mental Health and Physical Treatment for a Black Population
Presenters: Autumn Francisco, Queen-Erin, Rumbidza Muschunje, Aklilu Debas
Advisor: Angela Clark

Title: Impact of Cognitive Processing Therapy on suicide risk for veterans in residential PTSD treatment
Presenters: Claire Rowe
Advisor: James Pease 

Title: The Impact of ACEs on Heath Outcomes for Patients of Good Samaritan OB-GYN Center Presenters: Sierra Carraway & Marrieth Sithe
Advisor: Shauna Acquavita

Title: Teachers' Perceptions of School Connectedness and Teacher Burnout During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Presenters: Sophia Kiser & Julia Villarreal
Advisor: Dana Harley

Title: Evaluation of The Teaching Family Model Within Children's Behavioral Healthcare
Presenters: Cailyn Kleisinger & Madison Fulton
Advisor: Shauna Acquavita 

Title: Substance Use Screenings for Perinatal Women​
Presenters: Sharon Reilly, Heather Eckstein & Miranda Byrne
Advisor: Angela Clark

Title: Expressive Arts: Its Impact on Health
Presenters: Dan Becker & Courtney Sledge 
Advisor: Michael Brubaker

Title: Sensory Path
Presenters: Aubrey Cornwall & Maria Harris
Advisor: Shauna Acquavita 

Title: How utilizing Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) influenced the mortality rate of COVID-19 patients
Presenters: Gracie Smith & Kiersten O'Brien
Advisor: Erin Rumpke

Title: Maple Syrup Urine Disease with Novel Genetic Mutation: Perspectives from the Clinical Laboratory
Presenters: Samuel Frondorf, Rachel Downey & Angela Wanstrath
Advisor: Beth Warning

Title: The Disease Process of CLL, its Effect on Clinical Results, its Testing, and its Treatment
Presenters: Allyson Brown, Sophia Kuhar & Nicholas Nader 
Advisor: Keagan Parlier

Title: The Role of MRI in Diagnosing Fetal Brain Pathologies
Presenter: Anna Bernicke
Advisor: Barry Southers

Title: The Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Lymphoscintigraphy in Diagnosing and Treatment Planning of Breast Cancer in Women
Preseners: Emily Radcliff
Advisor: Barry Southers

Title: Functional MRI and epilepsy
Presenter: Heather Cook
Advisor: Alan Vespie

Title: PET and MR Imaging of Alzheimer's Disease in Patients Who Exercise Consistently Versus Those That Do Not
Presenter: Valerie Ewing
Advisor: Alan Vespie

Title: Huntington's Disease in Positron Emission Tomography
Presenter: Rachel Knotts
Advisor: Barry Southers

Title: The Role of MRI and US in Imaging Rheumatoid Arthritis
Presenter: Madison Huber
Advisor: Barry Southers

Title: Relationship of vitamin A and Zinc with Malaria
Presenters: Meenakshi Alamuri & Charles Okwuchi
Advisor: Abigail Peairs

Title: Exploring the Effectiveness of Behavioral Health Zoom Workshops at TriHealth
Presenters: Madeleine Scanlon
Advisor: Shauna Acquavita