Session B Posters

Title:The Role of a Speech-Language Pathologist in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Oral Motor Stimulation.
Presenter: Maria Matacia
Advisor:  Michelle León

Title:  An AAC Resouce Designed for Teachers
Presenter: Sara Beirl 
Advisor: Michelle Leon

Title: Examining the Effects of Singing-Based Therapy on the Speech of People with Parkinson's Disease: A Review of Literature
Presenter:  Elizabeth Van Curen & Marissa Witt
Advisor: Amanda Simmons 

Title: Effects of PECS in the Autistic Community and its Implications on Bodily Integrity
Presenter: Natalie Martin & Makenna Riter-Rowland
Advisor: Michelle León 

Title: Oral Stimulation in the NICU and Beyond: A Resource for Parents
Presenter: Olivia Salzano, Allie Geiger & Kiersten McCormick
Advisor:  Amanda Simmons 

Title: Parent Education in Supporting their Child's Receptive and Expressive Language Development
Presenter: Sophia Antunes & Alexis Hebert
Advisor:  Michelle León

Title: Incorporation of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy into the Treatment of People Who Stutter
Presenter: Victoria Wilson, Julia Bencko & Emma Cline 
Advisor:  Stacey Gerding 

Title: Development and Expansion of Protocol for Preliminary Assessment Data Collection in a Multilingual and Multicultural Preschool Setting
Presenter: Annie Vehr, Emma Stone & David (Nate) Paul
Advisor: Amy Hobek

Title: Development of a voice and motor speech assessment protocol across an academic health center
Presenter: Bayley Kralik
Advisor: Carrie Rountrey 

Title: Efficacy of Oncolytic Virotherapy for Cholesteatoma Management: Further in vivo evidence
Presenter: Kayla Karpowicz, Paige Drees, Shelby Ackerman, Rebekah Lazos & Gen Herbst
Advisor: Brian Earl 

Title: Effects of Music Experience on Hearing Ability in Young Adults​
Presenter: Elizabeth Urban, Matthew Barbara and Madeline Skeeters 
Advisor: Fawen Zhang

Title: Acoustic Processing Abilities of New Cochlear Implant Recipients
Presenter:  Kelli McGuire
Advisor:  Fawen Zhang 

Title: Retrospective Study on Impact of Bal-A-Vis-X Program on Occupational Performance
Presenter: Nicole Bertke, Adycen Cooper, Jessica Zurborg & Madeline Drexelius
Valerie Hill 

Title: Utilizing the Kawa Model in Occupational Therapy to Address Mental Health of Adults with Acute Neurological Conditions
Presenter: Neesha Johnston, Jenna Kreinbrink & Rachel Thees
Colton Sayers 

Title: Transition into Adulthood for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Families' Perspectives
Presenter:  Macy Michel, Audrey Brack, Alaina Tarr, & Catherine Woods
Advisor:  Valerie Hill 

Title: Identifying the neural signature of motivation for exercise
Presenter: Brady Tincher, Kayla Cox, Karissa Liles & Alexis Barry
Advisor: Pierce Boyne

Title: High Intensity Locomotor Training in Stroke Patients: Systematic Review
Presenter: Caroline Mink, Owen Kubalak 
Advisor: Pierce Boyne 

Title: Vitamin E and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 
Presenter: Alanna Hendricks & Grace Siebert
Advisor: Abigail Peairs 

Title: Vitamin D intervention and mortality in hospitalized patients with SARS-CoV-2
Presenter: Janine Mashny & Hatice Centinkaya
Advisor: Abigail Peairs 

Title: Vitamin K's Role in Bone Metabolism and Osteoporosis 
Presenter: Andrew Dunklin-Busse & Zach Smith 
Advisor: Abigail Peairs 

Title: Clinicians Attitudes' Towards a Wellness Approach for Treatment of Adolescents Transitioning from the Juvenile Justice System 
Presenter: Hannah Harris & Kylea Dolezal
Advisor: Michael Brubaker

Title: Somatic Interventions Improve Self-Perceived Trauma Symptoms
Presenter: Adelyn Smith, Hannah Bolander. Sydney Brown & Bamidele Ojo-Fati
Advisor: Michael Brubaker 

Title: Centralizing Care, One Student At a Time: A Needs Assessment to Provide Equitable School-based Behavioral and Mental Health Services 
Presenter: Molly Swaidan, Megan Scott, Monique Tribble & Cory Whitworth 
Advisor: Dana Harley 

Title: SBIRT Implementation Among Ohio Providers​  
Presenter: Valerie Evans
Advisor: Shauna Acquavita

Title: The Calm Book
Presenter: Shelby Cesario
Advisor: Shauna Acquavita

Title: The Effects of Implementing a Navigation Program for Individuals with Increased Cancer Risk
Presenter: Brandi Forbes
Advisor: Shauna Acquavita

Title: Evaluation of a Summer Skills Group
Presenter: Sophia Carey & April Carr
Advisor: Amanda LaGuardia

Title: Parenting Group for Individuals with Substance Use Disorder (SUD)
Presenter: Emily Trauth, DeNesha Bell & Meranda Jennings
Advisor: Michael Brubaker

Title: Strength in Numbers: The Gender and Sexuality Wellness SurveyTitle:
Presenter: Margaret Bujold, Lauren Davis, Nern Ostendoff & Kayla Stemmer
Advisor: Shauna Acquavita 

 Title: Access to Homeless Services Amongst the AOD population.Title:
Presenters: Jordan Dotson, Siobhan Ayala, Candice Fegan, Hannah Frey & Cole Upton
Advisor: Angela Clark

Title: Working With Youths Who Have Experienced Domestic ViolenceTitle:
Presenter: Libbey Ketterer, Chris Frey & Katie Laravie
Advisor: Amanda LaGuardia

Title: Pediatric T-ALL
Presenter: Daeun Koh, Rebekah Lazos & Genevive Herbst
Advisor: Gideon Labiner

Title: Detectable Biomarkers of COVID-19: Ferritin, CRP, IL-6Title:
Presenters: Morgan Harper, Brooke Johnsom & Ciara Combs
Advisor: Erin Rumpke

Title:Clinical Presentations of Malaria
Presenter: Amanda Bowman, Samuel West & Alexandra Setser 
Advisor: Adrienne Davis Zapfe

Title: How Psychopathology Affects Gastroparesis in Nuclear Medicine Gastric Emptying Studies
Presenter:Sarah Holston
Advisor: Barry Southers

Title: Post Mortem medical imaging
Presenter: Haley Crippin 
Advisor: Alan Vespie

Title: The Role of Iodine-124 in Positron Emission Tomography
Presenter: Jessica Bernett
Advisor: Alan Vespie

Title: The Role of Medical Imaging in Frontotemporal Dementia
Presenter: Allison Dela Cruz
Advisor: Barry Southers

Title: Medical imaging in the diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease
Presenter: Karlie Eling
Advisor: Barry Southers

Title:The Role of Medical Imaging in Crohn's Disease
Presenter: Chloe Jaspers
Advisor: Barry Southers

Title: The Role of Nuclear Medicine in Neuroblastoma
Presenter: Gabriella Trees
Advisor: Barry Southers

Title: Use of MRI in Male Children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Presenter: Alexandra Kuxewicz 
Advisor: Barry Southers

Title:I123-MIBG and it's Relationship to Parkinson's Disease
Presenter:Olivia Edwards
Advisor: Barry Southers

Title: Signs of Language Disorders in School-Age Children with Attention Disorders
Presenters: Samantha Lewis and Bailey McNees
Advisor: Michelle Leon

Title: Do Children Receiving Occupational Therapy Services in Recreational Centers Meet or Exceed Attainment of Occupational Performance Goals?
Presenters: Kreimer Harrison, Crystal Tobrgta & Wendy Buchanon 
Advisor: Valerie Hill