Kindergarten Bootcamp Summer Teletherapy Program for Parents


 Parents/Caregivers of 4- and 5-year-olds


This early language and literacy program consists of four weekly one-hour sessions for parents/caregivers of children who will be attending kindergarten in the fall. Each interactive session is designed around a specific learning concept (phonological awareness, vocabulary development, narrative skills, and comprehension) and will give participants information, tools and activities to help prepare their child to succeed in kindergarten and meet the expectations of Ohio’s educational standards.

Each session is guided by graduate student clinicians and supervised by a certified SLP.  The sessions will give the parent/caregiver the opportunity to learn about school-readiness skills so those skills can be practiced and reinforced at home. 

Language/Literacy Areas Addressed:  

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Narrative Skills
  • Comprehension


Summer 2022 Schedule TBD


Tele-therapy via smart phone, tablet, or computer

Cost (Registration Limited)

$30 program fee (including all 4 sessions)

Registration Information