Social Skills Group

group of friends sitting and chatting together

Social skills groups will provide facilitated and structured opportunities for children to develop their social communication skills. Working with peers, children will learn strategies to be good communication partners including skill development for initiating conversations, maintaining conversations, listening with a communication partner and non-verbal language.

Children diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often have problems with making and keeping friends due to difficulties related to inhibiting their speech, maintaining conversation, and regulating emotions.

Using evidence-based techniques, our social skills/executive function group will assist your child in:

  • Setting friendship goals
  • Having two-way conversations
  • Accepting no or being turned down for play

Our model of intervention includes training parents as social skill coaches. Parent participation is required.


This group may be appropriate for your child if he/she:

  • Is 6-8 years old
  • Has been diagnosed with ADHD or a related disorder
  • Has had difficulty making or maintaining friendships
  • Is struggling socially in school


Dates for 2019 coming soon.

Program Director

Lesley Raisor-Becker, PhD, CCC-SLP,, 513-558-1938

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