Driving & Parking Information

Address: 3202 Eden Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45267

The University of Cincinnati Speech and Hearing Clinic is located at directly across from the Hamilton County Coroner's office and the Eden parking garage.

From the intersection of Martin L. King and Eden Avenue:

  • The Hastings and William A. French Building, also known as French East, is located about one tenth of a mile down on the right-hand side.
  • Make a right-hand turn into the driveway in front of our building onto Goodman Drive.
  • There are 4-5 parking spaces to your left, in front of the entrance to our building. There are signs, stating that a permit is needed to park in these spots. The permit is our clinic permit. Go ahead and park in one of these spaces. If there happens to be a cone in the parking spot, please go ahead and remove the cone and park in the spot. We place the cones there to clearly reserve spots for our patients.
  • Once you have parked and enter through the front door, please enter our waiting room in the very first door on your left- G31. You should be able to see our receptionist in G33 who can provide you with a parking pass for your windshield. Please place the pass inside your vehicle and visible through your windshield for the duration of the session.
  • We will retrieve the parking pass when you are finished with your session.
  • Parking from nearby garages cannot be validated; our clinic only has parking in the places in front of the building.
  • If you need to reach our office, please call 513-558-8503. In the event you cannot reach the office but must contact someone immediately, please contact our Clinic Director, Dr. Erin Redle, at 513-317-6723.
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Speech & Hearing Clinic

Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders

French East Building Room G65

Phone: 513-558-8503 | Fax: (513) 558-8988