Happy Hour for Adults

Are you looking for an opportunity to hang out with your friends, play some games, or talk about favorite things during this time of social distancing? Maybe even make some new friends? Happy Hour is an opportunity to virtually hang out in a supportive group environment. Group coordinators will plan games and activities to promote social communication and will provide communication support as needed. Join us for an adult happy hour for individuals with communication differences.


Any adult wishing to socialize with other adults in a communication supported enviroment


Happy Hour will provide a structured and supported opportunity for adults who benefit from social support (e.g adults with developmental differences, pragmatic differences, challenges in social interactions) to practice their social communication skills. The group coordinators will assist in supporting and enhancing communication as needed. 

Please note: This is not a therapeutic group- participants are not assigned a clinician and are not necessarily expected to ‘attend’ every session (although we would love to see you!). This is a structured, social opportunity with communication support. It is similar to a social opportunity you might find through Google Hangout or Facebook Live. Although your private information will not be collected, your picture and/or voice will be visible on the computer. If you are looking for a true therapeutic environment, please see our Social Skills Hour group. 


Summer 2022 Schedule TBD


To access the group, please use the following link:


If you have difficulty joining, contact the Clinic at csdclinic@uc.edu or erin.redle@uc.edu. If you are accessing the link via a smartphone or tablet you will probably need to install the Microsoft Teams app to access the link. On a computer you should be able to access via the browser. If you want to schedule a ‘trial’ of the software with someone in our clinic, please email csdclinic@uc.edu and we can set this up for you. 



To register or inquire how to access this happy hour please contact:

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Speech & Hearing Clinic

Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders

Health Sciences Building Suite 325

Phone: 513-558-8503 | Fax: (513) 558-8988