Language Literacy Enrichment Group (Online)

A preschool speech, language and literacy summer program

The Language and Literacy Enrichment Group (LLEG) is an evidence-based summer preschool program that focuses on creating language and literacy-rich social play experiences for young children. This clinic program offers story book reading, language/vocabulary enrichment, speech sound development, and plenty of social skill experiences. LLEG runs 2 times/week for 4 weeks

  • Story book reading
  • Language enrichment
  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • Speech sound development
  • Social skill experiences


The Language, Literacy Enrichment Group runs 2 times/week for 4 weeks.
Summer 2021 Mondays and Wednesdays 1:00-2:00 pm
May 31st through June 24th 


Online telehealth platform, accessible via tablet, computer or phone.


Please contact the UC Speech & Hearing Clinic.

For appointments or questions, please contact: