Connections Mentoring Program

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Connections focuses on helping CAHS students achieve all-around success—in their personal lives, in school and in their careers. Mentors and students alike grow and learn from each other, sharing experiences, knowledge, and ideas, building relationships that leave a lasting impact.

Making connections that count

Connections is a mentoring program that pairs students with CAHS alumni, community professionals and graduate students working in an aligned allied health field, to help develop relationships that make an impact.The program primarily serves the following populations of students:

  • Underrepresented minority
  • First-Generation
  • Lower socioeconomic
  • Limited access to higher education
  • Summer bridge participants
  • Self-identify or are identified by faculty for mentoring

Connections is about building relationships that offer the kind of support that gives students an edge when it comes to achieving success. It’s a partnership that focuses on helping students navigate their path to a successful career in allied health.

How Connections works

Connections pairs students enrolled in undergraduate programs in the College of Allied Health Sciences with a mentor working in their respective professional field. The programs include:

  • Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
  • Health Sciences 
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Nutrition & Dietetics 
  • Social Work
  • Speech Language & Hearing Sciences

Through their mentoring relationship, students see first-hand what a successful career in allied health looks like. Mentors share their experience and resources to help guide students as they work to reach their goals. Students can count on an advocate who’s committed to advising, encouraging, and supporting them along the way.

The Connections Mentoring Program has been such an important networking opportunity for me. I was connected with a mentor in my future field of occupational therapy and receive valuable information about my future career.

Connections Health Sciences OT Student

Connections gives you the opportunity to develop a relationship with and learn from someone who’s been a student too; someone who’s done the hard work and is working as a successful health care professional.
You will:

  • Learn from your mentor’s experience — what worked and what didn’t and use it as you make decisions about how to achieve your goals. 
  • Learn what it takes to be a great employee through job shadowing and role modeling your mentor.
  • Learn about different opportunities available in your field by meeting and networking with other students and professionals.

Connections gives you the opportunity to use your experience and desire to help others to play a role in a student’s success. You’ll also see how a supportive and encouraging relationship helps you both grow and learn. As a mentor you will:

  • Give back to your profession by sharing your experience to help strengthen and develop your field and the next generation of practitioners. 
  • Put your experience to use in a way that leaves a lasting impact. 
  • Expand your network of professional colleagues and contacts.

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A mentor is someone that allows you to see the hope inside yourself.

Oprah Winfrey

For more information on how to get connected contact:

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