Headshot of Jeromy M Alt

Jeromy M Alt

Assistant Professor- Clinical Education Coordinator Athletic Training, CAHS Rehab, Exercise & Nutrition Science

284 HSB


Jeromy Alt is the Clinical Coordinator in the Athletic Training Program at the University of Cincinnati. He is responsible for teaching core classes and overseeing the Clinical Education component in the Athletic Training Program. His previous experience includes serving as the Clinical Coordinator from 2002-2006 and Assistant Football Athletic Trainer from 1997-2002 at West Virginia University. He received a Master of Science in Athletic Training from West Virginia University while serving as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer from 1995-1997. His Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, emphasis Athletic Training, was completed at Eastern Illinois University in 1995. Professionally, Jeromy serves as a CAATE site reviewer, Athletic Training Education Journal manuscript reviewer, and an American Red Cross Professional Rescuer Instructor.
Headshot of Karen McIntosh Craven

Karen McIntosh Craven

Asst Professor - Adj Ann, CAHS Rehab, Exercise & Nutrition Science

French East


Headshot of Valerie Ann Hill

Valerie Ann Hill

Assistant Professor, CAHS Rehab, Exercise & Nutrition Science

227B HSB


Headshot of Kelly Nicole Kennedy

Kelly Nicole Kennedy

Assistant Professor; Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, CAHS Rehab, Exercise & Nutrition Science

227C HSB


Headshot of Victoria Ann McQuiddy

Victoria Ann McQuiddy

Instructor - Educator, CAHS Rehab, Exercise & Nutrition Science

307D French East


Headshot of Valerie Pearl Miller

Valerie Pearl Miller

Clinical Research Coordinator , CAHS Rehab, Exercise & Nutrition Science

101 French East


Headshot of Steven Daniel Wheeler

Steven Daniel Wheeler

Program Director, Occupational Therapy, CAHS Rehab, Exercise & Nutrition Science

French East



Headshot of Virginia Kessis Emroll

Virginia Kessis Emroll

Program Coordinator, Rehabilitation



Headshot of Ashley C Sandburg

Ashley C Sandburg

Program Coordinator, Rehabilitation

279 HSB


Headshot of Rachel M. Sellmeyer

Rachel M. Sellmeyer

Financial Admin 2, Rehabilitation

282 HSB


Headshot of Linda Marie Threm

Linda Marie Threm

Program Coordinator, Rehabilitation

262 HSB


Headshot of Erin Amanda Wagner

Erin Amanda Wagner

Research Associate, Rehabilitation

French East


Adjunct Faculty

Patricia Sharp
Nicholas (Tyler) Manning
Carrie Stenstrom
Jenny Dorich
Claudia Miller
Natalie Centers