The University of Cincinnati Occupational Therapy program has a variety of scholarship and opportunities.

Established by Timothy B. and Terri A. Hollenkamp, a speech-language pathology alumna and owner of REHAB on the Run and Rehab Resources, as well as Scott and Tina Whalen with matching funds from the University of Cincinnati Health.  Recipient(s) must be enrolled in the College of Allied Health Sciences, and have a diverse background, based upon factors including, but not limited to, socio-economic status (family income, wealth, etc.), parental education, cultural awareness, and history of overcoming adversity.  Recipient(s) must have and maintain at least a 3.2 GPA.  Preference shall be given to a first-generation student. Scholarship is awarded based on program director nomination of eligible students.

The Graduate Incentive Scholarship is funded by the Graduate School. The appointing program sends scholarship offers to students who apply to the program, including information about the amount and duration of the award and the terms of the offer. Students must maintain all of the required eligibility requirements in their offer letter to maintain their tuition scholarship.

Preparing Early Intervention Providers for the Opioid Epidemic (PEPOpE) is an interdisciplinary training program for master’s level students in the College of Allied Health at the University of Cincinnati studying occupational therapy (OT), social work (SW), and speech-language pathology (SLP). The program will prepare 42 students to be highly effective and highly qualified allied health professionals prepared to meet the needs of children with intra-uterine opioid exposure (IOE) and their families. Students earn a stipend for participation of the program. 

Established in 2016 by UC Health.  Recipient(s) must be enrolled in the College of Allied Health Sciences, entering their professional program. Eligible programs are: Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) (seniors), Dietetics Coordinated Program (juniors), Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), Advanced Medical Imaging Technology (AMIT) (juniors), Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Master of Arts in Communication Sciences & Disorders, Audiology, Master of Social Work (MSW).  Recipient(s) must have a diverse background, hold a 3.2 GPA or better and must have desire to practice in a hospital setting.  Available funds dependent on annual contributions. Scholarship is awarded based on program director nomination of eligible students. 

Provides emergency funds for currently enrolled CAHS students who are in good standing and experiencing financial need. Recipient(s) can be undergraduate or graduate students.  Submit online Emergency Scholarship Application

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We have curated a list of national Occupational Therapy scholarships for you to review and apply for if you meet the criteria. 

National Occupational Therapy scholarships (PDF)

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