Campus SLP Program Director

Headshot of Jennifer Jean Vannest

Jennifer Jean Vannest

Associate Professor, CAHS Communication Sciences & Disorders

373 HSB


Online SLP Program Director

Headshot of Lesley J. Raisor-Becker

Lesley J. Raisor-Becker

Assistant Professor-Educator, CAHS Communication Sciences & Disorders

392C HSB


Lesley Raisor-Becker, PhD, is a researcher, teacher, and practicing clinician specializing in the language and literacy development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  Her research interests include:  the effects of prenatal drug/alcohol exposure on development, social skill and executive function in children, and pedagogy/supervision.  She is also interested in the use of integrative health practices in allied health disciplines.  Dr. Raisor-Becker currently serves as the graduate program director for online MA-SLP programs at UC and she serves as the SLP faculty member for the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities (LEND) Training Program at Cincinnati Children's Hosptial and Medical Center. She has taught numerous online and face-to-face courses and has presented in the areas of executive function, early language development, and managing difficult behaviors at the national, state, and local levels.


Headshot of Dakshika Wijayanthie Bandaranayake

Dakshika Wijayanthie Bandaranayake

Asst Professor - Educator


Headshot of Krista A. Beyrer

Krista A. Beyrer

Director of Clinical Education, SLP; Associate Professor Clinical


Headshot of Suzanne E. Boyce

Suzanne E. Boyce



Headshot of Emily J Braun

Emily J Braun

Asst Professor


Headshot of Abby Foltz Hottle

Abby Foltz Hottle

Asst Professor - Adj Rep


Headshot of Andrea L.B. Ford

Andrea L.B. Ford

Asst Professor


Headshot of Stacey M Gerding

Stacey M Gerding

Assistant Professor - Adjunct Rep


Headshot of Sarah Hamilton Dugan

Sarah Hamilton Dugan

Post Doc Fellow


Headshot of Amy L Hobek, Ph.D.

Amy L Hobek, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Headshot of Larissa M Jordan

Larissa M Jordan

Asst Professor - Educator


Headshot of Jasmine Keaney

Jasmine Keaney

Asst Professor - Clin


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Headshot of Amy S Pratt

Amy S Pratt

Asst Professor


Headshot of Lesley J. Raisor-Becker

Lesley J. Raisor-Becker

Assistant Professor-Educator


Headshot of Carrie E Rountrey

Carrie E Rountrey

Assistant Professor


Headshot of Amanda Kaye Simmons

Amanda Kaye Simmons

Asst Professor - Educator


Headshot of Carolyn (Carney) D Sotto, PhD CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow

Carolyn (Carney) D Sotto, PhD CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow

Undergraduate Program Director


Headshot of Katie L. Winters

Katie L. Winters

Asst Professor



Headshot of Karen E. Meyer

Karen E. Meyer

Program Manager


Headshot of Leslie Elizabeth Kokotek

Leslie Elizabeth Kokotek

Research Associate


Headshot of Missy Paige Mink

Missy Paige Mink

Financial Administrator Sr


Headshot of Linda L Roedig

Linda L Roedig

Program Coordinator


Additional Faculty

Phyllis Breen, MA - Speech-Language Pathology
Lisa Kelchner, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-S
Linda Lee, PhD - Speech-Language Pathology
Jo-Anne Prendeville, EdD - Speech-Language Pathology
Sue Schmidlin - Speech-Language Pathology 
Gloriajean Wallace, PhD - Speech-Language Pathology ​

Lisa Froehlich, PhD Adjunct Instructor SLP
Julie Griffith, PhD Adjunct Instructor SLP
Kathy Weldon, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor VA SLP
Bernice Klaben, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor UC ENT SLP
Kate Krival Adjunct Assistant Professor SLP
Ann Kummer, PhD Adjunct Professor CCHMC SLP
Rochel Lazewnik Adjunct Instructor SLP
Claire Miller, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor CCHMC SLP
Lindsay Riegler, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor VA SLP
Kaci Stenger Adjunct Instructor SLP
Ann Slone Adjunct Instructor SLP
Christina Tkacz Adjunct Instructor SLP
Erin E Redle, PhD CCC-SLP Adjunct Assistant Professor 
Sandra Grether, PhD Adjunct Associate Professor