Health Sciences : Pre-Occupational Therapy


Why study Health Sciences : Pre-Occupational Therapy?

The Behavioral and Occupational Studies track specifically prepares students for entry into graduate level Occupational Therapy programs. The degree also conatins preparation in the areas of psychology and nutrition. With minor adjustments to electives the degree in Behavioral and Occupational Studies may also prepare students for entry into Physical Therapy, Medicine, Physician Assisting, Nutrition, Psychology, Exercise Science, as well as other health related master's and doctoral degree programs. (Most licensed allied health professions require a profession-related master’s degree or a profession-related doctorate as the entry degree).

Admission Requirements

The University of Cincinnati has established academic success criteria for first-year applicants to bachelor's degree programs. All students are encouraged to apply. Please visit High School Student Admissions for more information about first-year student admission requirements.  

Students who study in the concentration of Behavioral and Occupational Studies are primarily planning for entry into a graduate level Masters or Doctoral Occupational Therapy degree program. Students who choose not to pursue an advanced degree have career opportunities with their bachelor’s degree.

Completion of the requirements for a Bachelors degree in Health Sciences BO include completion of a minor in psychology.

With minor adjustments to the electives within the curriculum a minor is nutrition is also attainable.

Advisors will be there to help you at every step of your academic journey. If you have advising related questions, please visit the College of Allied Health Sciences’ Academic Advising.

The UC MOT program is located in the same department and college as the HLSC-BO program. Strong performance in the undergraduate program is helpful in obtaining graduate school admission.

If you are student who wishes to transfer from a college or university outside of the University of Cincinnati system, please visit Transfer Admissions for more information.

If you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at the University of Cincinnati (including UC Blue Ash and UC Clermont), but want to change your major to one in the College of Allied Health Sciences, please visit Transition Students for more information.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines can be found at Admissions Deadlines.

The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Contact Information

Program Coordinator
3202 Eden Ave
Room 310 French East
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0394
(513) 558-7479

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