Honors Capstone Program

The Speech, Language Hearing Sciences (SLHS) Senior Honors Capstone program is designed for students who have excelled in their undergraduate studies, with outstanding scholarly potential and want to extend their studies beyond the traditional undergraduate curriculum.

The Senior Honors Capstone program combines hands-on opportunities, allowing students to engage in independent study, and work closely with a faculty advisor on research or a clinical project. An Honors thesis or publishable paper is also an option. Students register for Honors Capstone and present their project at the UC Annual Undergraduate Scholarly Conference in April of their graduating year.

A student must meet the following requirements for enrollment in the SLHS Senior Honors Capstone Program:

  • Enrolled in the Speech Language Hearing Sciences program
    • Occurs during the last two semesters of senior graduating year 
  • Have a 3.6 or higher cumulative GPA by the end of spring semester of the junior year and a 3.66 GPA average in all CSD OR SLHS courses 
  • Have a grade of B or higher in all CSD labeled courses & American Speech & Hearing Association (ASHA) required courses (social science, math/statistics, biology, physical science) to be eligible for the Honors Capstone
  • Have a UC cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher from a minimum of 60-semester credit hours earned at the University of Cincinnati by the end of spring semester of junior year if a transfer student

Student Testimonials

CSD student Brylie Rampe

“Being a part of CSD Senior Honor’s Capstone program afforded me the greatest learning experience I could have ever asked for. I was able to do a research capstone with Dr. Dietz and I gained both a faculty and graduate mentor that helped me grow as a student, researcher, and future SLP exponentially. With this project I delved into material that I wouldn’t have otherwise learned until graduate school. This experience will continue to benefit me for the rest of my undergraduate career and into my graduate education. I am beyond grateful.”

- Brylie Rampe, CSD BS 2020

CSD student Maria Matacia

"For my CSD Senior Honors Capstone, I collaborated with a Speech-Language Pathologist and graduate student at an Early Head Start (EHS) program. We created lesson plans to introduce and expand language and literacy skills for at-risk preschool-aged children. We used the materials with facilitative play and dialogic book reading. This clinical capstone experience challenged me to apply previous undergraduate coursework to real-life scenarios. I truly valued my Senior Honors Capstone as it enriched my undergraduate learning experience and I look forward to what my graduate placements hold!”

- Maria Matacia, CSD BS 2020

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