Program Costs

Figure out how much your Nutrition Sciences degree will cost 

Standard Graduate & Professional Fees
Fee Description
Part-time per Credit Hour
Full-time Per Term
Instructional Fee
General Fee
$39.80 $398.00
Campus Life/Distance Learning Fee $26.20 $257.00
ITIE Fee $18.00 $184.00
Ohio Resident Total
$746.00 $7,451.00

Not an Ohio Resident? Students who live in Kentucky or Indiana may qualify for the metropolitan surcharge. Students in other states will pay the out-of-state surcharge. Review these surcharges below and reach out to if you have any questions about eligibility. 

Metropolitan Non-Resident Fees

Metropolitan Non-Resident Fees
  Part-Time Per Credit Hour
Full-Time Per Semester
$25.00 $250.00
Law (JD) $25.00 $300.00
PharmD $242.00 $2,415.00
Medicine (MD) $25.00 $300.00

Graduate Out-of-State Surcharge

Standard Programs
  Part-Time Per Credit Hour
Full-Time Per Semester
On-Campus Programs
Online Programs $15.00 $150.00

College Program & Other Fees

Graduate Program Fees
  Part-Time Per Credit Hour
Full-Time Per Semester
On-Campus Programs
Distance Learning Programs $8.00 $75.00
Fees required based on student status.
Description Conditions  Amount
New Student Fee Once per lifetime $85
International Student Fee Charged fall and spring in-class or co-op terms; not charged for summer $125
Professional Practice Fee* - Undergraduate Per term based on co-op enrollment  $495
Professional Practice Fee* - Graduate Per term based on co-op enrollment  $675
Student Health Insurance Required if not waived based on alternate coverage; coverage continues and not charged in summer if spring paid; not required if online program $1,224.50
Bloodborne Pathogens Insurance Annual charge if enrolled in an academic program with risk of exposure unless enrolled in Student Health Insurance $31

* The Professional Practice Fee is charged in place of tuition for co-op terms. Aid may also adjust based on co-op rotation so it is important to inform Student Financial Aid of your plans when accepting aid using the link on the award offer. Alert Enrollment Services of any adjustments to your planned rotation during the year.

Non-Tuition Costs 2023-24

Attending college costs more than just tuition (including program fees). To help you project your non-tuition expenses, the Student Financial Aid Office estimates average amounts for several student groups and cost categories. 

Personal expenses vary from student-to-student but understanding these costs help students plan for expenses beyond tuition. 

Estimated costs are based on at least half-time (5 hours per term) attendance. Expenses are based on individual student costs and do not include spouse or dependent costs.

Estimated amount for 9-month academic year.
Cost Amount
Housing and Food $17,232
Books and Course Materials $1,300
Transportation (if Ohio, metro, or reciprocity tuition rate)
Transportation (if non-resident tuition rate)
Miscellaneous $4,892
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Enrollment Services

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