Early Admission Pathways

The University of Cincinnati offers two early admission pathways for students in Health Science - Pre-Athletic Training. These pathways will allow you to gain early assurance into UC's Master of Athletic Training program. Review each pathway to decide which is right for you. 

Accelerated Early Assurance Pathway

The Accelerated Early Assurance Pathway is designed for students who enter the Health Sciences - Pre-Athletic Training Pathway coming out of high school as a first-year student. Transfer/transition students may be eligible for the Accelerated Early Assurance program depending on their previous course credits. This pathway allows you to complete your undergraduate and graduate degree in 5 years. 

Early Assurance Pathway

The Early Assurance Pathway is designed for students who transfer/transition into Health Sciences - Pre-Athletic Training or for students who do not meet the requirements for the Accelerated Assurance PathwayThe Early Assurance Pathway allows you to reserve your spot in the MS in Athletic Training program if you are not eligible for the accelerated pathway. This pathway will take you six years and includes four years of undergraduate education and two years of graduate education. 

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CAHS Admissions

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