Early Admission Pathways

The University of Cincinnati offers two early admission pathways for students in Health Science - Pre-Athletic Training. These pathways will allow gain early assurance into UC's Master of Athletic Training program.  

Accelerated Early Assurance Pathway

Designed for students who enter the Health Sciences - Pre-Athletic Training Pathway as a first-year student. Transfer/transfer students may be eligible for the Accelerated Early Assurance program depending on thier previous course credits. 

If you are enrolled in the Health Sciences - Pre-Athletic Training program as a first-year student, you are automatically enrolled in the Accelerated Early Assurance Pathway - which will allow you to complete your undergraduate degree and the MS in Athletic Training program in just 5 years. 

To remain in good standing in Accelerated Assurance Pathway:

  • Must maintain a University GPA ≥ 3.333
  • Must maintain an MSAT essential pre-requisite course GPA of ≥ 3.333 
  • Membership in either REHABCATS, the Health Sciences Club, or HealthCats (west campus student organization for UG students in pre-health professions majors) 
  • If either the university or essential pre-requisite course GPA falls below 3.333 a student will have 1 semester to recover to ≥ 3.333 
  •  If GPA remains < 3.333 the student will move into the Standard Early Assurance  Pathway. 

Early Assurance Pathway

Designed for students who transfer/transition into Health Sciences - Pre-Athletic Training or for students who do not need the requirements for the Accelerated Assurance Pathway.

The Early Assurance Pathway allows you to reserve your spot in the MS in Athletic Training program and also gives you other perks like GRE waivers and more. This pathway will take you six years and includes four years of undergraduate education and two years of graduate education. 

To be eligible for this pathway you must: 

  • Have a university GPA and essential prerequisite course GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Have or be able to earn at least 50 observation hours/pre-professional hours with an AT by the end of the semester.
  • Provide one letter of recommendation from the supervising AT with whom you acquired your hours.
  • Provide one letter of recommendation from a department faculty other than AT program faculty.
  • Provide an essay of no more than 250 words describing why you chose AT as your professional pathway. 

Applications for the Early Assurance Pathway will be sent to eligible Health Sciences  students in the third year. Successful applicants will have a place held in the MSAT class entering in the next year's summer semester (i.e. the successful applicant who is notified in spring semester 2020 will have a spot in the summer 2021 MSAT class). To remain in good standing as an Early Assurance Pathway candidate, the student must: 

  • Meet all admission requirements of the MSAT program.
  • Graduate from the Health Sciences - Pre-Athletic Training track on schedule (students in other Health Sciences tracks are eligible to apply, but may require additional course work to complete the requirements) 
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